The Golden Machine

GOLDEN IRIS – DISCERNMENT – (Iris pseudacorus)


I like the line on the card about “…mastering the impulses that impair good judgement.”

“Water only those things that sustain and help you to thrive.”

I am chipping away at appliquéing two doilies that a friend made me as a housewarming gift. It is hurting my arm so I have to prop it up more carefully on pillows to provide support for my elbow. It is getting a bit discouraging, but they look so beautiful I have to persevere. Such fine crocheting, and I don’t crochet so I am loving these beauties.


Yesterday I was looking (again) at Janome sewing/quilting machines and considering if I could afford the Memory Craft 8900 with money from my deceased father. It’s a whopping price but the mere thought of doing automatic buttonholes and machine quilting on something other than a 25 year-old machine is appealing. The old machine can’t handle machine quilting well any more and I’ve got at least 11 tops to quilt, and several others planned. Quilting is indeed one of the things that help me thrive.

Perhaps Golden Iris is telling me to master my impulse? The meaning of the botanic name is “false acorus” which makes me think of impulses as false, not what they seem.

Well, I went into the Janome dealer last year and was frightened off by prices, but I might venture in with some questions about other models. I was making notes yesterday, watering the golden idea.



2 thoughts on “The Golden Machine

  1. We have some similar yellow irises that bloom every summer at the local holding pond. The wading birds love to hide in them.
    Wowza, those are crocheted?! Very fine work indeed. They look great on the blue background. Easy does it with the stitching my friend. 🙂

    • Yup, they are crocheted with very fine cotton. Unbelievable. This woman does very fine knitting and spins fleece and then knits it, plus she crochets and does a bit in miniatures too. Right now she is crocheting a very, very fine bedspread in 1:12 scale.

      People are so talented! The crochet gene escaped me, I tried a couple of times and hated it. Knitting I love though, but the arm won’t allow me to knit right now.

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