Coming Forth Gently

SAGENESS – BRAMBLE – (Rubus fruticosus)


This is a European Blackberry, often found in hedgerows in the UK, but I didn’t realize it had such an attractive flower.

“What is important to you will come forth and be visible.”

I like the idea that by reorganizing my bedroom the things that are important to me become visible—this is so true for these weeks in my life.

Change direction and overcome obstacles sayeth the card. My obstacles are the usual pain and fatigue. It was sunny today and yesterday, so I did some laundry and I had several quilt tops stacked outside on my portable clothes dryers, enjoying the sun and sea air.


The more I freshen and tidy, the more I find to do, but I’m feeling pretty worn out today so I’m going to start basting some appliqué for accent pillows to go with my new duvet.

Something gentle for today I think, I shall hide and rest in the brambles and smell the Spring air.


2 thoughts on “Coming Forth Gently

  1. What a beautiful brambles card. Our blackberry brambles have finished flowering (white blooms that look very much like those in the card), and now have tiny, bumpy berries growing in their place.
    A slower pace sounds like a sane plan after all the work you’ve been doing. 🙂

    • Your blackberries have already bloomed? Wow, I find it so hard to wrap my brain around your climate–like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Neat though that you can share this stuff with people around the world and astound us!

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