The Process of Duvet Covers

I finally ordered a duvet cover that I can afford. It’s rather conventional but suits the colouring of the room. I also got two plastic bins unpacked, one more big one to go.

I chose this card because I thought it went with the fabric pattern of my duvet cover. One track mind can now move on.

HEATHER – Calluna vulgaris


I have heather in a pot by my garage. I like the thought on this card: “Uncertainty can create all kinds of stress within your body.” I am not a shopper so to have to shop and be uncertain gives me the whim-whams.

Problem solved.





4 thoughts on “The Process of Duvet Covers

  1. I like the more botanical look of the duvet you chose. I was just saying on Trivium’s blog that often it is more stressful to worry about doing something than to actually do it!

    • Yes, I’m quite happy with this cover, it is my style. I agree–fretting over things is much worse than doing them. I unpacked two more tubs of stuff and mailed my income taxes today–the weight just came off me!

  2. Ikea has a similar fabric that’s always attracted me–simple and charming. It’s called LJUSÖGA (gotta love Ikea names!)

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