Okanagan Oracle Colour Study 7: Rejuvenate

Two days ago we both had some energy and felt we should go into my bedroom and build the two wardrobes we bought last September to hold all of my card decks and books. First we had to move two other bookshelves which we did, although one of the bookshelves did not fit in the corner we’d planned to put it in. Exit another shelf to make way for this bookshelf on another wall.

I had these cards all picked out but didn’t post them, but they are a good example of how we felt.

REJUVENATE – Okanagan Oracle
21 JOYFUL MIND– Lojong for the Layperson Cards
AGGRESSION – Dreaming in Color Luman Deck
CELEBRATION OF LOVE – Blessings from the Heart Oracle Cards by annie b.
THE WORLD – WATERMELON TOURMALINE – Tarot of Gemstones & Crystals


Pretty in pink peonies with a whole bunch of other pink, joyful goodness.

The spouse went to build the first wardrobe but one of the long sides was cracked at the bottom. He called the store and they agreed to open another box and exchange this one piece. Then we had to make room somewhere else for a third bookshelf, which the second wardrobe was replacing and we made room for it in the walk-in closet after taking down a wire shelf and filling some holes in the wall.

Then, while putting decks back in the first wardrobe, I decided I needed another shelf and some wire expandable racks (originally made to hold stacks of plates in kitchen cupboards). We went to Canadian Tire and got those and some shelf paper. Then we came home and took measurements and went to Home Depot to have two white melamine shelves cut (one for each wardrobe) and buy some extra pegs for holding these shelves.

Now I’ve got to try and organize wardrobe 1 and then the spouse has to build wardrobe 2, and we have to go to another town to buy more expandable wire racks and a desk lamp.

This has spilled over into two other bedrooms where some reorganizing and shifting of furniture has to happen. So, a simple task turned into a revamp of 3 bedrooms and a walk-in closet. It’s going to take days and we are both sore all over.

Still, I feel rather heartened that we got started. After a winter where we did nothing on the house we have tackled it with aggression and feel rejuvenated.

I always wanted some Watermelon Tourmaline, but it’s so expensive. Hey, this tourmaline has Yin and Yang in one crystal, kind of like a husband and wife doing home reno projects together, balancing each other’s energy.

Right? Yeah, of course. I’m assuming the word “rejuvenate” has the same root as the word “juvenile” so I can dance around singing “You make me feel so young, you make me feel as though spring has sprung…”

Lalalala…back to work.


4 thoughts on “Okanagan Oracle Colour Study 7: Rejuvenate

  1. Those cards suit the new season perfectly!

    Your post made me laugh. 🙂 Every time I start a project, indoors or outside, I seem to go down a rabbit hole. One thing leads to another, which leads to another, which…

    Glad you are feeling better and getting some projects done around the house. Just remember to be the tortoise not the hare – slow and steady!

    • YES, again I am not the only one who falls down the rabbit hole. It is taking me forever, I have to keep breaking because of pain, so I am definitely the hare.

      Slow and steady it is then.

    • Oh man, I wish Debra! You can see by the photos I sent how much more I still have to do. I find that my brain can only make so many decisions before going doolally.

      Dave the Minion has lost his Shropshire sheep Tulip, I cannot find her. He’s in the new tarot cupboard fuming…

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