Blackthorn Pricks Survival Instincts

While browsing through the new Plant Ally Cards, I was attracted to the message on the Blackthorn card, so I pulled it out and remembered several other decks that have Blackthorn in them.

SURVIVAL INSTINCTS – BLACKTHORN – prunus spinosa [sic]

The first word in the Latin name should be capitalized. I’m also disappointed in the abstract drawing and painting of these plants. I could identify about 10% of them and the rest just looked baffling. To be fair, these were never advertised as scientific illustrations, but still.


The woman looks like a fierce warrior, she’s ready to get out there and make sound choices about her life. “You may feel in a bit of a hole with no obvious way out.” That’s how I felt yesterday at least, but today I thought I would catch up with some correspondence and clear the way to spend the weekend doing our income taxes. I immediately felt better—action always alleviates anxiety I find.

Blackthorns are thorny obviously but they are often used for walking sticks because of the strength and the density of the wood. Go ahead, keep walking, don’t be resistant to change, you have no choice really but you have to accept the things you need to face.

Right then, income taxes it is.


2 thoughts on “Blackthorn Pricks Survival Instincts

  1. “Action alleviates anxiety” – I find this to be true for myself as well. I’m unfamiliar with the blackthorn, but it does remind me slightly of our scarlet firethorn (Pyracantha coccinea ).
    Filing our taxes is at the top of my to-do list, I just need to get my husband to cooperate!

    • Ah, so I’m not the only one! One of my sisters uses H & R Block, and the other has an accountant husband, but I refuse to give in to the holy terror. It’s a mind thing, it’s not going to get the better of my mind.

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