Okanagan Oracle Colour Study 1: Devotion

I was slightly disappointed that 12 of the 58 cards in the Okanagan Oracle deck were black and white photographs. I like black and white photography but I bought this to work with colour so it startled me at first. Wouldn’t you know that the first card I drew from the deck was a black and white one. The Universe laughs and says “Roll with it Judith.”

Cosmic Jude they call me, always ready to embrace universal humour.

I have several decks out for this. I wanted to avoid the obvious and not use my Secret Language of Colour Cards so I used other things to pick cards with matching colours. Suzy often shows crystals or gemstones in pictures of the cards and though I have a few stones I thought I’d use the Tarot of Gemstones and Crystals to augment this deck as well as random postcards from my collection and the Dreaming in Color Luman Deck.

I first did this exercise back in about 2005 with the Power card in the Dreaming in Color deck, which is a strong gold colour so I went through 20-odd decks and picked gold cards that matched the them and then wrote essays about them. This study will be a simplified version of that.

DEVOTION – Okanagan Oracle
DEPRESSION – Dreaming in Color Luman Deck
FOUR OF CUPS – MAGNETITE – Tarot of Gemstones and Crystals
DEATH – The Sandman Postcards
FLAMES OF JUDGMENT – American Radiance Postcards, Artist unidentified, 19th century, painted wood.


The root word(s) of Devotion mean “to vow completely” in Latin. So this is not just a gentle, little love, this is a deep, ardent, zealous sort of love. Much like the flames devouring the woman on the postcard.

The Four of Cups is the Ennui card as I call it, paired with Depression and Death, this montage speaks of getting too wrapped up in the darker things of the mind. I have had a struggle with that for several months but the Devotion card reminds me that we always have a choice about what we devote our thoughts to. The flames can envelop me or I can raise my arms to devotion of another type.

Magnetite is one of the oxides of iron, and being magnetic is used for many things including ancient compasses. If we have it in our brain, which apparently we do, does it allow us to navigate? Who knows but this also reminds me that you set a course with your choices about what you think about.





4 thoughts on “Okanagan Oracle Colour Study 1: Devotion

  1. The colors (and all the stones) make these cards feel so heavy. But as you said, you can choose what you devote yourself to and what you self-identify with. It can be hard to make space for joy and beauty when you’re dealing with chronic pain. I hope you find some room for those this weekend.

    • Oh, I never thought about the heaviness of stones–good point.

      It is hard to take I admit; I’m in the mud again with stones. I am almost finished the embroidery on the yoke of a flannelette nightie, and then I can sew it all together. I will be done the embroidery this weekend and then I will feel I am moving forward at least, since I’ve been planning this since September when my shoulder went kerflooey.

  2. Although it wouldn’t fit in the colour way, this post also makes me think of the Four of Cups from the Wildwood Tarot, subtitled Ecstasy, and the Nine of Arrows, subtitled Dedication. Devotion lies somewhere in between those two, I think.

    The Okanagan card also reminds me of Bev’s LoJong cards…

    I love that tidbit about the magnetite. As you say, we steer our own course, wittingly or not 🙂

    • As I go through various cards, so many of them almost fit the colour brief, but not quite. It’s actually been so interesting to see what comes together out of this.

      I’m doing a card today with brown and taupe tones–very yummy even though it’s brown which is not a favourite colour of mine.

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