Plummy Daydreams

(blue leaf kallima)


I was browsing through my Botanical Postcard Oracle and decided I liked these colours for today. They remind me of the Damson plum tree in my backyard which was surrounded by 4 feet of snow last week. No mail or driving for three days as we were snowed in. Finally the plough came and we were able to get to the grocery store.

When we lived in Ontario, this sort of weather was usual for the month, and they had the equipment to deal with it, but out here where they rarely get more than six inches of snow it has been interesting to see how things come to a standstill. I ordered a Kindle Paperwhite to better read classic books, and it would have been here Friday but for impassable streets, and I shall have to be patient until tomorrow.

So, a much-needed break to contemplate plums. According to the blurb on the postcard, domesticated plums are hybrids, and thus have many variations. Plums have delicate white blossoms that attract butterflies like the Blue Leaf Kallima which is the South Indian blue oakleaf (Kallima horsfieldii) according to Wikipedia, and this colouring seems to be one it sports in the dry season, it’s a bit more subtle but still with lovely gradations and spots.

That’s it! I’m having a dry season, dreaming of summer.



4 thoughts on “Plummy Daydreams

  1. I’ve never thought I’d enjoy an e-reader, but a couple of years ago my husband bought a Kindle paperwhite for my birthday. I think it might have been that every bookcase, table, space under beds, closets – every crack and crevice – is jammed with books (many that I won’t reread). I’ve enjoyed it tremendously; not only can I read books, but I can send attachments to it too.

    • Aha, this is good to hear Bev!

      I tried reading on the tablet and it worked fine but the chair I read in is right by the window and I have to turn the screen to get rid of the glare. Reading on an angle was getting problematic, and almost impossible when the sun was out, hence the Kindle.

      My home too is jammed with books. I did a big clear-out before and after we moved, and I only buy non-fiction, but I wanted to read something else. In Canada, OverDrive does not support Kindle books so you can’t borrow books from the library on the Kindle but they are hundreds of classics to read in the public domain.

      I installed the Calibre eBook management program on my laptop, and it does a fabulous job of searching archives to find things. I can also add covers and cover blurbs and delete information, add my own tags etc. and then transfer it to the Kindle. You don’t need it but I like to tweak things.

    • Oh I know, there’s nothing worse than waiting, we are so used to getting things fast. I could hardly sleep last night. I have several ebooks downloaded and ready to go.

      It has not come yet, maybe in 3 to 4 hours. Fingers crossed anyway, the poor postal people have 3 days of mail backed up for delivery, it might take them longer.

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