Don’t Resist Peace


“Today I will simply accept. I will relinquish the need to be in resistance to myself and my environment in any way. I will move forward in joy by accepting where I am right now.”


My Dad has been in end-of-life palliative care for some days. His body is dying, and he’s been going downhill all year, so it’s a peaceful thing and they are so good about making people comfortable in this type of palliative care and being respectful. We have been writing back and forth preparing his obituary and remembering pleasant things.

Still, it’s hard to think of him dying and leaving us with no anchor for the family. It’s a natural thing but I worry and wait. I’ve always liked that old maxim “Body at rest, spirit free” that you see in obituaries.

All kinds of release at hand today.


8 thoughts on “Don’t Resist Peace

  1. I can imagine this must be so difficult – the beautiful memories, but the difference in how the future will be. An interesting card too, in how there is that shift in relationships – caring for those who have cared for us, caring for ourself, and being cared for. So much to think about in that beautiful image.

    My thoughts are with you at this time. I’m glad to know your dad is being cared for so well.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your dad, but I’m glad the doctors and nurses are keeping him as comfortable as possible, allowing him to gently move from this world. Love and a hug to you and your kin as you watch with love and wait. I was listening to a podcast with theologian (progressive Christian) Phyllis Tickle the other day, and she commented: “I suspect… that death does not ultimately exist. We don’t die. We’re trapped in time, and we will escape time with death.” I rather like that idea of being free. 🙂

    • I know, he was lucky to be in a good care home, and the hospice approach to dying is so much more respectful and sacred. So hopefully by the time we die Chloe, the precedent will be entrenched so we don’t suffer.

      I always remember the film biography of Lou Gehrig. He was at home in bed but suffering terribly as he tried to breathe and couldn’t. It is a terrifying prospect to suffer so.

      I read somewhere once that someone says “Have a safe journey” to people who have died. When people I know die or someone I like in the entertainment business dies, I give them a wave and look up and say “Have a safe journey ____” It makes me feel better.

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