Festive Postcard

I like to use some of my botanical decks and postcards in the winter. We actually got a dusting of snow here on the west coast, and the spouse and I put our little tabletop Christmas tree up this week.

This postcard is from the postcard book Posta Cucina by Helen Buttfield published by Stewart, Tabori & Chang, and it is part of my larger postcard oracle featuring all the botanical postcard books by Helen Buttfield.

I deliberately chose this one to represent Christmas because don’t we all think of baking and cinnamon at Christmas?


Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) was considered the tree of life by the ancient Chinese; early Christians thought it grew in the Garden of Eden next to the apple tree. Valued for its aromatic, medicinal, and preservative properties, it has been imported from its home in Sri Lanka since Roman times and was one of the most expensive prizes of the spice trade, worth its weight in gold. Today, for only pennies, cinnamon adds pungency and aroma to cooked apples and pears, sweet breads, cookies, and many hot drinks.”

This is my tabletop tree that I bought for our first Christmas 40 years ago. When we moved this year I discarded many of the old raggedy ornaments and we bought a few new ones this year. The monk with the plum pudding was repainted and urethaned to keep him fresh after 40 years. I bought him a ceramic black pig with two red cardinals sitting on its back to keep him company. The presents are fake ones that I made from aspirin boxes and similar boxes.


We were moving last year so didn’t get a chance to put the tree up so it’s a happy thing to put everything out this year and freshen things up for our new start.



2 thoughts on “Festive Postcard

  1. I love the taste and smell of cinnamon. I will occasionally use some wax melts called “coffee cake” to add fragrance to the house (don’t have to worry about singed whiskers with the burner :D). Beautiful postcard – as you know, I’m a fan of botanical art.
    The tree looks very festive! Hope you and your husband have a holiday of happiness and good health my friend.

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