The Insanity of the Visual Imperative

Crazy Card Lady Story #59

I was reading before bed last night and when my eyes got tired I pulled out the Wisdom for Healing Cards which I haven’t seen for a while to browse through. “Oh, this card reminds me of another card” said I in card comparison mode. This often happens to me, and I can generally put my hand to the card I’m thinking of, but last night memory was a bit swirly-misty.

Three hours later and about 18 decks (which isn’t bad actually) I had sort of remembered a girl with red hair and a white dress in a doorway. Knowing the style of the painting I pulled out Kay Steventon’s Celestial Tarot which didn’t have the card but I knew it was in her other deck, one of the first decks I bought, and then I couldn’t remember the name. By this time it was 2 a.m. and I had to go down to the computer and look it up. Back upstairs I was puzzling over where I had put the Spiral Tarot, when I remembered vaguely sticking it in one of my handmade tarot bags. I had swapped out the Zerner Farber deck in the first bag I made myself and put the Spiral in there. By this time it was 3 a.m. and I thought I’d better go to bed and scan and discuss the two cards in the morning.

I needed a fresh, alert mind for this vital discussion.



Am I ever going to change? Is the imperative to find cards in the dark while everyone else is sleeping going to change? Not a bit. One has skills you see, visual skills and memory that need honing now and then.

Girls in dresses at doorways to the sky and garden; they exist, my brain wants to find them. Change and moving on, these cards go well together. The change is that I now consider this perfectly normal to hunt for cards for three hours at night, a joyous, peaceful kind of thing, swathed in the mystery of night and stars, cozy in my eyrie, sifting through numerous card decks and thinking “Wow, the art on this is so good!”

It sure is.

6 thoughts on “The Insanity of the Visual Imperative

  1. Ha ha, don’t ever change! I just wish I had three hours to peruse decks 😮
    I felt extremely decadent taking 30 minutes over an unboxing yesterday (the Modern Spellcasters Tarot). It meant I had to cut my workout short, and meditate just before bed, but it was fun 😉

    • I spend most of my days alone and inside the house, so I usually have buckets of time. Since my husband had his hand operation I’ve not had much time so this 3 hours was gold.

      It sounds like you juggled quite successfully to get 30 minutes for a deck–that’s gold too. We are awash in streams of gold Chloe, floating on sparkly particles of joy.

  2. I know this skill! For me, it’s always a bit like Jenga – can I get to that one without sending another ten tumbling to the floor and waking everyone up!

    And then there’s the bag-switch trick. I know that one well too – it’s usually accompanied by the words ‘Now where the bloody hell did I put that??!!’.

    • Yes, the things that go bump in the night…”It’s only me honey thrashing through my decks!” As you do, as you do.

      The bag switch trick–why do we do it to ourselves? Aaaagh.

      • Haha, I know! Since I have been doing those Deck Chat videos, I have realised that I have lost some boxes over the years and I haven’t got the faintest idea how or why. I find that my memory for card comparisons and (especially) deck names is not as sharp as it once was.

        • The slippery slope of not remembering names. Aaaaagh. I used to be so sharp in my late 30s and early 40s, but now at 60 it gets a bit vague. It becomes “That card with the red floaty hair and pale face.” Like that’s gonna help.

          Hey, I’ve been noticing that you have a few duplicate decks, I hope the Back-up Deck Meme hasn’t got you Swami. Slippery slope that.

          Oh, and I LOVE your deck chat videos. I like a good natter about decks and art, don’t seem to get much action from people with the passion for it. Every now and then but not like years ago when you weren’t working. We could chat all day about it–a real passion of mine, so your videos fill the gap.

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