The Trust of the Grey Spider

GREY SPIDER FLOWER – Grevillea buxifolia – Faith


Silly me, I am more fearful of taking a taxi to and from the hospital for the spouse’s operation than I am about the operation. Because it means talking to another human being, no not that.

So what succour is this card offering me? Have trust, be brave, do not be afraid, and your intentions will have positive results. “As a healer, Grey Spider Flower instills courage and assists in easing anxiety.”

I’ll keep this card out for the next 4 days to remind me.

Oh, and I’m back being vegan again, quite a strict plan to see if I can alleviate pain. Twenty million ways to prepare beans and vegetable soups. Have faith sayeth the Grey Spider Flower.


6 thoughts on “The Trust of the Grey Spider

  1. I would suggest breathing deeply to help relax yourself, but as my daughter has told me (who suffers from anxiety), that’s a hard thing to do in the middle of panicking. I do have an exercise that might be helpful that can help you take a deeper breath. Breathe in normally, then as you begin to exhale, push your abdomen in (using your stomach muscles) as if you were going to touch your belly button to your backbone. Hold your breath and your muscles as long as you can, releasing all at once and taking a breath in when your body craves oxygen. If you do about 12 of these, you’ll find that you begin to automatically take a deeper breath (and feel more relaxed). Gentle hug to you my friend.

    • Hey Bev, I like that exercise! I also tend to hold a lot of tension in my back muscles and this exercise helps release that tension too.

      Great, thanks a lot.

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