Rabbits Secretly Enjoy a Good Ballpoint Pen

It has been a wild sort of week. We got word about the spouse’s hand surgery in one week (panic stations) and I got some books in the mail, one of which was wrong and the used bookseller is sending me the correct book.

I figured we’d better get proper blinds in the bathrooms and when the company was here measuring we decided to get all three bedrooms done as well. The old aluminum slats are bent and peeling and flaking paint, and the one in the master bedroom is black which sucks the light out of the room, apart from having kind of a teenage Goth vibe.

Because it’s hard for me to type without pain, I’ve been staying quiet and reading a lot. The highlight of my week was discovering that I could get refills for a Zebra F-701 ballpoint pen that my husband rescued from the garbage at his work a few years ago. I bought the refill, in it went, and the excitement of having the pen work again had me flying with delight. It is now back in my pen roll with all my fountain pens.



I do feel rather abundantly blessed lately, at least with interesting material things, like an ash can for the fireplace (squeee!) plus lots of books in my annual Christmas in October buying. We can pay our bills, and buy a few treats, so it’s not all bad. BUT I do feel I need to pull back from spending and calm down and enjoy what I have, finish a few projects slowly.

I complain about endless pain and hopelessness but as in everyone’s life, there are good and bad things. Rabbit Orchids flower more prolifically after a fire, did you know?

And I bought a whole box of 500 staples. Man, does it get any more exciting?


8 thoughts on “Rabbits Secretly Enjoy a Good Ballpoint Pen

  1. That Rabbit Orchid is funny 🙂 And I know what you mean about the joy of getting something to work again, or repurposing something. One of my tarot bags went wrong (brain fuzz and it ended up too big for the deck), so I just put some crystals in it, instead. No point getting hung up on mistakes 😉

    • We are so used to discarding things instead of trying to use them up or refill them.

      Hey, crystals in a BIG bag sound good, like you were going to lug around the riches of the world; the bigger, the better!

  2. I’m not sure that it does. Staples are underrated. I bought printer ink yesterday and there was joy in purchasing something that was needed for a change, haha.

    But this is a really uplifting post to read. Being content is underrated too. Someone said last weekend ‘Enough is a feast’ and it is pleasing to evaluate what we already have. I love the detail about Rabbit Orchids flowering more prolifically after a fire.

    • Ah, the big hit of the cost of printer ink. It sucks, but at the same time it feels good to have the ink levels go up and the warning icon disappear. And then, you can print any darn thing you want, even that photo with all the pink tones. Hey, the warning icon just came on for yellow on my printer, BUT I have a brand new yellow cartridge, still in the box–the relief, right?

      Staples are underrated and these are special “they work a lot better than regular staples” staples. The cleanly machined rows of staples, glimmering in a box, cool and regimented and arranged to go, go, go, spreading organizational ability and satisfaction in my life. Whew, my face is getting hot…

      Enough IS a feast. Darn right.

  3. Glad you are finding so many positives while you’re resting and recuperating – what a difference it can make! The black blinds sound like something my husband would do in an attempt to block out all light for sleeping (but would the color matter?). Hope your husband’s surgery goes smoothly! Had to go look up the pen – I think Levenger should hire you!

    • Any light bothers me too, so I understand the mania for blocking out light, but it’s not the colour that does it, it’s the act of closing the slats. I ordered big 2-inch slats for the blinds–less cracks for light to penetrate. I’ve got a street light that beams in through the ensuite window, then hits the big mirror and bounces off, reflecting directly onto the pillow area of the bed. It’s like a searchlight it’s so bright and the kitty litter box is in the bathroom so I can’t close the door.

      I need a good blind in there. A good blind is the best friend you ever had. A good blind, an extra pillow over the head, a cat at the foot of the bed, it’s bedtime Nirvana.

      I hope the surgery goes okay too, thanks. It’s day surgery, so that bodes well at least.

  4. Hi, JJ, I hope you feel better soon. I share your love of good window blinds, and wish a speedy recovery for your husband. Mine had a surgery for carpal tunnel and a bone spur at the base of his thumb. The not-dominant-hand recovery period was hilarious for both of us. He’s pretty much perfect now 😉

    • Hi Debra, I was sorry we were too far for you to visit, but I hope you liked your mainland visit anyway.

      I am imagining all kinds of hilarious scenarios, including the one where I try to light a fire every day in the woodstove!

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