Hoya Flowers and Furious Blood Flow

I received my Australian Wildflower Readings Cards but felt a bit swamped by pain this week, which sucks the joy out of typing and discussing cards.

During this lull, I have been collecting a Notepad file of interesting nicknames for Donald Trump:

Comb-over Caligula
Cheeto Jesus
The Orange Turnip
The Furious Yam
The Orange Goblin
The Velveeta Raccoon
The Tangerine Terror

My favourite is The Furious Yam, but Comb-over Caligula seems apt as well. Sounds like the name of a band: Comb-over Caligula and the Furious Yam.

Shades of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five whom I remember from younger days. “It’s like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder how I keep from going under. Don’t push me ‘cause I’m close to the edge…”

HOYA – ALIGNMENT – (Hoya australis)


Seemingly random flowers but there is often an underlying Fibonacci alignment in flowers. Five petals and five stamens, speaking of the Furious.

Making the pieces fit, making the pieces align: when in pain it’s hard to make plans, hard to believe anything will align again in my life. I feel scattered and incomplete when I can’t make things or have hope for my ideas.

This also reminds me of blood cells tumbling through veins, picking up oxygen, the biology that is needed to replenish and heal the body. I am planning meals and trying to align nutrition and energy in my body.

Time for a lie down.


8 thoughts on “Hoya Flowers and Furious Blood Flow

  1. Misogynistic meathead
    Racist rump-roast
    If you’re not feeling well, I’d suggest getting news about the presidential race through John Oliver, Samantha Bee or Trevor Noah. 😀 It’s the only way I’m going to make it through.
    Hope you can rest and give your pain a chance to ease.

    • I don’t know if I know those particular people Bev. I tend to stick to Anderson Cooper and CNN for American news. Godless liberal that I am, part of the worldwide liberal conspiracy underpinning all corrupt society of course.

      I cannot bring myself to watch the final debate. It’s simply too much to ask of a rational being. I’ll find a good book and hide in my room until it’s over.

      Oh, and I had a nice nap and feel tons better, thanks.

      • Those folks are all comedians who report the news using a large dose of humor. (Noah took over Jon Stewart’s show, if you are familiar with him.) Seeing it all through the lens of humor is the only way I can stomach any of it. I will not watch the last debate either! Glad you are feeling better. 🙂

        • Oh yes okay, the replacement guy for Jon Stewart (whom I never watched but I know him.)

          In this time zone, I can actually watch Jimmy Kimmel and Noah et al. 3 hours earlier at around 9 p.m. but they never have people I know on. I’m out of touch with current trending guests on talk shows, alas.

  2. Love the names! You should sell that band name … it’s just too genius!

    The cards look lovely, Judy. And in themselves, the colour and style is uplifting during times of feeling out of sorts. I’m not good with meditating, but I can imagine this particular one would be great. The colours are so positive and healing. I hope you feel better soon.

    • Hey Stevie Baby, you are back from the conference! It looked like it went well from your Instagram photos. You clean up gooood, I always like you in a shirt and tie. 😉

      I hope the cards are healing. I think I got about 2 hours of sleep last night, but I leaped up from bed and made a huge pot of homemade soup. Good for the soul, along with flowers and mediation.

      I see you succumbed to the Byzantine Tarot. I have a fondness for that deck since it kept me company for weeks while we were moving and in the motel. Good on you!

      • Yes, it was wonderful! I met some great people there and the sessions were really interesting. I thought the shirt and tie were the way to go 😀 I explained to Caitlin Matthews about our liking for her Enigma deck and that the cards reminded us of art postcards.

        Yes, the Byzantine got me in the end. I was a bit worried about the elemental switch in the minors but the art is so amazing and John Matthews is such a nice man that I wanted to purchase it from him. We had a nice chat.

        I remember your work with the deck and it has a fondness for me because of that – the cards propped up on your travels. But you know, it’s the Ceccoli that has really taken a hold over me! I never expected that!

        • That’s great that you told Caitlin that we both immediately liked the Enigma deck. And it reads well, has some depth as so many of their decks do.

          Now, I remember trying and trying to pique your interest in the Ceccoli but you were worried about there being too many girls in it and maybe being too girly. But it’s not–I get such a kick out of that deck, it has rather pragmatic, no-nonsense undertones. Very glad you saw the light there. I would never have expected it either.

          I find sometimes with decks that after the raving and ga-ga stuff stops, you can see clearer what it’s all about. Plus you have the mini version which is charming.

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