Edelweiss Shivers and Throws a Log on the Fire

EDELWEISS – (Leontopodium alpinum) – Dedication


Since this is an alpine flower I naturally thought of cold.

It’s Fall here in Canada and cool in the mornings. Being on the temperate west coast, we don’t have central heating in the house, just electric baseboard heaters and a woodstove and fireplace downstairs. I got up yesterday and it was 15 degrees upstairs (59 F for my readers in the USA), and it was obvious that the spouse was not going to put on the fire. I bundled up in a wool scarf, two blankets, and a turtleneck and fleece jacket and toughed it out, eventually drifting into the living room and hovering over an electric baseboard heater.

One of the challenges of this card is “Being too soft or too weak, not speaking up when you need to”, so although moderately warmer today at 16.6 degrees (61.88 F) I could not bring myself to shower and bundled up and came downstairs. The spouse had been up for two hours and had not put on the fire. I’d had enough and asked him why—no answer, so I insisted he start a fire. An hour later the warmth had spread and it was 18 degrees ( 64.4 F) and bearable at least upstairs and a nice, warm 21 (69.8 F) downstairs.

Why do we get so silly about expressing discomfort and not wanting to bother someone to help us? Edelweiss has woolly hairs on its leaves, but I don’t. Part of Dedication I assume is speaking up and looking after yourself. With nerve pain and muscle weakness in my right arm, I am unable to chop and lug wood around. I spoke up, problem solved.





4 thoughts on “Edelweiss Shivers and Throws a Log on the Fire

  1. I like your thoughts there about speaking up.

    I remember when I was at university I had a small room with a built in shower room in it. In the winter it would get so cold that I’d stand in that shower room for ages, almost scared to come out and get bitten by the cold. I’d inch the door open slowly and stand there, waiting for the right moment.

    It’s just started getting colder over here and I’m feeling it!

  2. I catch myself doing this with my husband all the time – assuming he knows what I need without my telling him. Never, ever works. 😀
    This card made me think of the song by the same name in “The Sound of Music.”

    • No, it never works and I think it’s part of the lingering fantasy we are fed in books and on TV and film about marriage. Without all that “soul mate” smoke and fantasy, people would say “What kind of nonsense is this to think that my husband will automatically know what I need or how I’m feeling?”

      There are times when we can tell, but most often we lack awareness, and this ideal we are fed that a spouse should know everything you need and immediately swing into action to give it to you is pretty silly, like a children’s fairy tale.

      Yes, I immediately started singing the song too!

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