Pohutukawa Challenges Plastic

Whew, just when you thought it was safe to use the chop saw…we’ve been having a time building one of the new wardrobes for my closet. It went together, but the spouse put the doors in upside down and they only have melamine on one end. Cheap!

He fixed that, and then we went and bought a length of melamine and had them cut shelves from it at Home Depot. I wanted two extra shelves so I could get lots of craft bits in there. But we had to trim the shelves again at home to make them fit, and the chop saw was making a funny noise and it’s only a year old. Turns out the blade was loose so we had a few tense moments.

A few tense moments in a sea of tense moments across the year. We are worn out.

POHUTUKAWA – Metrosideros excelsa – Transformation


A beautiful flower from New Zealand, with leathery leaves and fine white hairs on the underside. It reminded me of cleansing, sweeping the sawdust out, and the fine hairs remind me of lungs and breathing. Cheralyn says that this card can indicate a lack of hope, drive and courage. I think so as I have felt that so often in the past month.

We are chipping away at things, but perhaps a reminder that like housecleaning, you’ve got to sweep and get the gunk out from underside to complete the transformation.

I got a horrible smelly plastic cupboard out of my closet and replaced it with this small melamine wardrobe. No more miasma of plastic nauseating me when I go into or past the closet. That’s a good result. I’m putting yarn and acrylic paint supplies in there, and it’s cleared a path so I can put away some other things in drawers already in the closet. They are plastic too but they don’t smell.

We have a plan to put the other two wardrobes up on the wall across from my bed. My deck collection is going in there, and hopefully my quilts and quilt tops, so I can get them out of the plastic (retch) bin they are in.

I have a sensitivity to certain plastics. No point being a martyr to such things, as part of this card’s challenge is also about becoming a martyr. I deserve a nice closet and storage, right? I might even hang some pictures in there or maybe some of my old china plates.



2 thoughts on “Pohutukawa Challenges Plastic

  1. No judgement from me – I have a super-sensitive sniffer too. I’m actually even allergic to some plastics (like the cheap bags used at stores). I break out in what looks like a cross between poison ivy and a burn. Be grateful to have a husband who can actually do such jobs; while I have a good and kind spouse, he is no handyman! 🙂
    (By the way, I’m getting vicarious pleasure through your organization!)

    • Actually, the first thing I did when seeing the spouse this morning was to thank him and exclaim about how much I love my new cupboard. My oldest sister’s husband does not do anything, so I know I struck gold.

      It’s going to take well into next year to sort this master bedroom out, but at least I can keep it tidy and get more light in over the winter, which will help.

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