Nick and I Contemplate Flowers and the River

I finally got the Flower Reading Cards into the database today while the guy was cleaning the woodstove pipe so we could use it safely again.

The spouse is listening to an interview by Peter Mansbridge with Newt Gingrich. I had to get that one out of my head so I put my headphones on and listened to Lee Ritenour’s version of River Man by Nick Drake, which has gorgeous vocals by Kurt Elling, my favourite jazz vocalist.

Probably the last thing I should be doing is listening to this particular Nick Drake song. I can feel depression and withdrawal overtaking me. I’ve had two rip-roaring clinical depressions in my life and the last one lasted ten years and nearly killed me.

But gosh, it’s such a haunting song and that guitar just burbles along.

My arm was too sore to post a 2-card Linestrider Tarot draw I did this week. It was the Five of Pentacles and The Sun, which seemed pretty good after the rain, or the river as the case may be.

Instead, here’s a shot of the database with the new deck.


In lilac time, lalala, in summer time. “Betty said she prayed today for the sky to blow away, or maybe stay, she wasn’t sure. For when she thought of summer rain calling for her mind again…”

Good music on a Friday night. It plays better if you play it at least 10 times in a row.





4 thoughts on “Nick and I Contemplate Flowers and the River

  1. I fear we are losing this smooth, bluesy kind of music where the instrumentals were as important as the lyrics. That song made me feel like I was in a rowboat moving slowly down a lazy stream. Makes me want to go listen to some Grover:

    • It’s still on specialty stations!!! Hey, I didn’t realize that Grover did “Just the Two of Us” with Bill Withers.

      I’ve got a great juxtaposition from iTunes of Bill Withers’ tune “Lovely Day” with another version by Freddy Cole which is very good. I also just discovered the South American ensemble, Studio Rio, who is remixing old songs, keeping the vocals, but mixing their own Brazillian style music into the track.

      I got their version of “Family Affair” by Sly and the Family Stone from iTunes, and the vocals are crisp and clear with a Brazillian beat in there. So anyway, they’ve also got a version of “Lovely Day” with the original Bill Withers vocals–fab stuff.

      I keep meaning to buy their whole album…just a sec…they they are on Wikipedia. Up samba and bossa nova too!

      You have to hunt for things these days but if you get their app, you can listen to JazzFM 91 in Toronto, and they keep this stuff alive. That’s the station I use my phone for and stream through my Bluetooth micro stereo.

      I knew you were smooooooth Bev. 😉

  2. I know those times, Judy. Sometimes, I can feel the ups and downs all at the same time. I’ve been busy lately and have more to do but I’m hoping it will be sunny enough to sit in the garden for a while tomorrow. My soul needs that.

    • I hear you! We’ve had a couple of beach walks lately which helped tremendously. It tends to hurt my knees but it’s still important to get out, so the soul can reconnect.

      I often look at the mountains and sea as we drive around and think “Do we really live here?”

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