Stasis or Respite?

What I like about The Lost Code of Tarot is that you simply can’t mistake it for any other deck, it is so recognizable.



We go up, we go down, we mirror, we balance. Is this stasis or respite?

Apart from a couple of small things, our exterior renovation is complete. They came yesterday and fixed some things and cleaned up the yard and driveway which were untidy and littered with detritus. It looks a heck of a lot better, and hopefully will be finished up next week.

Being Sunday, I am incredibly happy that no one is coming, it’s a day of quiet and rest. My oldest sister is doing some renovation in her house and mentioned how it was guaranteed to cause divorce and I said “Ask me if I know!” A couple of weeks is fine, but we are inching into our 7th week and we’ve both had enough.

We now need to move our compost heap and repair the fencing at one side. Our neighbour is on board to help and we will share the work and cost, so that should also neaten things up. We are still missing front porch stairs so are waiting for the carpenter to come and do that.

Still not finished, but today is rest day and involves not limitations but rest. Cup of jasmine tea?

Happy Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Stasis or Respite?

  1. We are in terrible need of renovations, but I’ve put them off for years simply because we all love our quiet and privacy (even the cats). Enjoy your day (and I’ll toast your tea with a cup of citrus chamomile).

    • Our cat, after moving 4500 kms.,boarding elsewhere for 7 weeks, and having many contractors in and out, never bats an eye now when someone comes in, she just sleeps on my bed, oblivious. I have been amazed at her equilibrium as she used to be afraid of everything.

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