The Valley Of the Wild Rose

I received my Flower Reading Cards by Cheralyn Darcey today, and they are fantastic! She has included Latin names for all the plants, and I knew her background landscapes and buildings were relevant to the flowers, but there were a few that I didn’t recognize. In the book, as well as some botanical information and notes on meaning, she gives you the place names and a bit of background on them. Absolutely fantastic, I was so delighted.


I recognized that the Wild Rose was in Alberta right away because it is the provincial flower and Alberta license plates say “Wild Rose Country” on them (or did at some time.)



We’ve had a small glitch with the home renovations that absolutely enraged me—out of proportion to what it was. When that happens I figure that it’s about something more or a build-up of things. The lead ball in the stomach, the red face of rage, I simply could not hold myself yesterday and this morning, I turned into a snarling mess. I’ve been in bed or hiding in my room most of the morning.

I laughed at the challenges for this card: loss of interest in life and activities, apathy and laziness, impulsive thoughts and actions, promises broken. I feel someone broke a promise and I became a hot bullet of impulsive angst.

Oh dear, I had hoped when I turned 60 that I could change this sort of thing, and I generally am calmer but something just ate me alive, something in the mind. Prickles and thorns in my tongue, directed at the spouse.

Wild roses are so pretty. There is an island in B.C. that has a park where there are sheep roaming around freely, and I remember a day back in the 1980s walking through wild roses and picking off bits of sheep fleece that had caught on the thorns.

Take a new path, be true and trustworthy in actions and words. Alas, I was not and it hurt me physically but I also was mean. Sigh. Maybe I can harvest bits of fleece off the thorns?




2 thoughts on “The Valley Of the Wild Rose

  1. In the words of Pema Chodron:
    “If right now our emotional reaction to seeing a certain person or hearing certain news is to fly into a rage or to get despondent or something equally extreme, it’s because we have been cultivating that particular habit for a very long time.”

    That deck has beautiful artwork AND a book that gives much more than just new age meanings? I’m trying to resist… 🙂

    • Yup, this is a new-age bafflegab free zone.

      I get the feeling that Cheralyn loves nature and feels we are disconnected from it and can find a way to include it in our lives, including decks and art and drawing. She talks about nature and healing too which is something I believe in.

      I have been eyeing these two decks of hers and wasn’t sure but I was absolutely chuffed when I got the book for this deck as she’s put some thought and research into it. In my view, you can’t go wrong buying this deck Bev.

      Ah Pema, I think she is right, it’s a deep habit. I’ll try to forgive myself.

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