Cheralyn Darcey Decks

I’ve had these two on my wish list for a while.


I’m predictably taken with decks with plants or animals, but it’s a rare thing to find artists who work by hand these days. These particular decks are linocut which is a technique I like and I did myself when I did my review of the Mirrors of the Heart deck.

Gosh, was it really twelve years ago? Shiver me stamens and stalks.

I couldn’t afford to order these from Australia but I managed to find them here in Canada online so I hope the order goes through okay. She has a new deck which is done in dark colours like a negative, and that is funding on Kickstarter but is too costly for me.

With winter coming up I wanted something cheery and I can pair it with my botanical postcards or something and have fun and enjoy the art. It rains a lot here. Almost worse than the snow of Ontario is the relentless rain of British Columbia which I find depressing. But one must cope and I find using uplifting plant decks helps.

I bought a type of cranberry plant for the front garden. We managed to transplant the hydrangeas and the rose but I lost the beautiful old viburnum shrub.

Cards and cranberries: a great compensatory combination.





4 thoughts on “Cheralyn Darcey Decks

  1. I like the look of lino-cuts too, and those look lovely! I’m also a ‘bright’ person, preferring sun-drenched rooms and locations to dark ones, so I understand the need for color to offset dreary days (though I imagine part of that is the artist in you too :D).

    • Yes, definitely the artist in me! I don’t mind the rain and the temperatures are much milder but it does go on a bit in the winter. Better than being snowed in at our old property, barely able to walk outside the door.

      My first introduction to linocuts in cards was the wonderful World Spirit Tarot, which was my tenth deck, some years ago now. 😉

  2. Can’t wait til you get them! I love lino cuts too… I like indirect image making, something about the energy of the image is different, more raw than a carefully planned hand drawn line where you have a lot of control… I think this is why I love free machine embroidery so much…

    • Yes, that rawness is appealing and I also like that she’s coloured them with gouache which is a medium I like, it looks a little different from anything else.

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