Lost Code Jigsaw

While entering six decks in my visual database, I discovered that my older version of Book Collector no longer supports automatic additions because the creators of the software stopped using Google for searches because of the cost, and have switched to Bing because it costs them less to subscribe each month. I don’t feel like being held hostage to buy a new version for this, I find it irritating and it makes me not want to upgrade the program at all.

It’s no big deal to put them in manually, but I was doing six so it’s taken me two days and several hours. While I was creating the image for the box of the Lost Code I liked it so much I kept a large version to do up as a digital jigsaw. Unfortunately, the nerve pain in my shoulder will not allow me to do too much with the mouse, and I had to stop, but I got it started anyway.


That’s my card meandering today, and a pleasant day it was.


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