Reach for the Scanner of Joy



REACH is what I call this Ace, and today I am reaching and needing Crow and Raven with me in the sky. They happened to come to my house yesterday, a gift drifting in from the estate of my dead parents-in-law, who wanted us to have a housewarming gift. They are with us still, a happy blush in our minds, flying. Raven knows.


Heavy with embroidery, my hilt bejewelled, my crown a sea of diamonds, I realize that in my travels I have forgotten to update my card database, and need to enter six decks and scan samples, and fill myself with the joy of documentation and organization.

Happy Sunday!



4 thoughts on “Reach for the Scanner of Joy

  1. Love that raven and crow. 😀 I’ve always been a fan of Haida art. And yes, please do update you database! The current oracle deck I’m using was a direct result from getting a peek at it.

    • It looks very Haida-like but the guy who made them is in Virginia, so I think he might be making them specifically for the northwest here. I saw it last month and just had to go back for it.

      Hey, you got the Nature’s Pharmacy deck!!! I hope to get back into my Database Monday routine once all the reno stuff is done. It rains a lot here in the winter so I’ll have time. I got 5 of my decks in the database–one more and I’m all caught up.

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