A Trio for Pain

It’s been two weeks since I got this shoulder impingement. I’ve nursed it along and iced it three times a day and I am not sleeping on my right side, and it is improving. The danger is not to overdo it and send it into the acute phase again. While contemplating this I thought I’d do a 3-card draw.


Jeez, that’s some Ace isn’t it? I do love it when artists bother for something different with Aces as they carry such reverberations for the rest of the suit.

My big question: “Tell me about my arm pain.” There are people who are clever with questions and try to teach that, but I never seem to get beyond the “Tell me about…” kind of question. Well, I want to know, so just tell me!


I often think I do a wrong thing by claiming it as “my” pain, as if I was absorbing it into my whole being instead of thinking of it like a passing thing. These cards point that out I think.

At first I thought the middle sword in the Five was too dominating, like I am consumed by pain, but I see it’s pushing through the detritus, breaking through along with the fresh and vigorous flower that wraps itself around it. No, it’s not “my” pain, it is merely an episode I’m going through.

The 9 of Pentacles is a similar thing, they are eating their tails which seems to inhibit flight, and might point to self-sabotage in health matters for me, but the large creature is looking upward, supported by the steady regularity of the other eight. I thought it was like an engine thrumming, pistons moving, chugging along. Endurance, perseverance.

The Ace is floating above the Earth, closing the circle, looking like it is enjoying the dream, but it’s resting before beginning again. It’s stable, it’s imagining better things and new beginnings, the earth a magnetic influence but not holding it, not preventing it from moving.

So, all good, chugging along, improving.



2 thoughts on “A Trio for Pain

  1. I’ve always heard that one should say “I feel angry” rather than “I am angry” to keep from identifying with the emotion (and having it stick like a burr to your socks). Makes sense that pain would be the same way. Hope you will continue to chug along and improve without being tempted to jump back into action before your body has healed!

    • I managed to cut out my first winter nightie. I had pre-washed the fabric and traced off the correct size in the pattern, and then got hurt, but I was able to do a bit yesterday.

      I am embroidering the sleeves and yoke of this nightie so hope to trace my embroidery pattern onto the fabric today. I might have to leave the actual embroidering for a couple of days to let my hand recover from using the scissors. Still, I was able to do it!

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