The Imperative of Mantids and Pachyderms

Well, we all knew this guy was going to show up somewhere.

Page 55 of The Book of Shadows is decoded with an explanation on page 101. Dance is sacred indeed, and no one knows that better than Dr. Green, who has a PhD. in Cosmology and is fond of moving his limbs to reverberations in the Universe from the Cosmic Elephant.


I find it strange that so many of my plastic figures have doctorates. As you will remember, Dr. Boar has a PhD in Sociology and Comparative Religion. He and Dr. Green lecture at the same institute and have both developed an interest in the pachyderm of the cosmos.



The mystery deepens, this fellow seems to be trying to kick his way out of an elephant ship, which of course explains why I called Dr. Evers Green in on consultation.

When I saw the two extra cards in this deck, I naturally thought of using them as male and female significators. This seems to be the male, charging off for some world building and architectural design. Gosh, it’s so darn hot maybe he should go for a swim, deepening his understanding of mindfulness meditation and icing his shoulder to heal the inflammation and impingement that is causing him so much trouble that any architectural drafting is out of the question.

Dr. Green has suggested a course of absurd movement to help. Dr. Boar concurs but adds that reading his treatise on the Lost Tribes of Zondor published by Mambo Jambo in 2011, will help forward movement and extrication from difficult situations.




8 thoughts on “The Imperative of Mantids and Pachyderms

  1. Funny, I’d never have thought of using the extra cards as significators. I saw this one as being about place – stability or movement, or both at once πŸ™‚ Sorry to hear your shoulder is so painful. My rotator cuff has flared up again, but try explaining to a two year old why mummy isn’t going to pick him up :/ I forgot to ice my shoulder yesterday, so thank you for the reminder…

    • Perhaps it’s the European vibe of the deck that made me think of significators. I always like the Italian Sibilla decks and their significators.

      Oh man Chloe, the ice is unbelievably helpful.

    • All that looking through telescopes has made his eyes pop.

      I couldn’t believe it when I came across a mention of a praying mantis in the book–who else talks about them? I definitely had to write out the quote. There are so many delightful things in this book.

  2. Hi,

    a dear friend of mine sent me the link of your blog, and I love it. I immediately stumble (I guess it is the right word, forgive my not precise English) in one of my favorite card: the City carried by an Elephant. I gate it no name. I created the 2 extra cards following a strange stream of consciousness and ideas. I left every reader totally free to see in the card what they want, to use them as they like if they like. I scattered the 2 cards with clues, symbols, references….and Now I found a very interesting interpretation: a ship in the shape of an Elephant… intriguing, never thought about it, and I love it. My compliment for the idea of using the cards as significators. Intriguing πŸ™‚ I should ask people using my deck to write me what they thing is(should be the name and meaning of the 2 card… We will discover something amazing, i am sure about it… a collective work of deciphering…. and putting together all the interpretations I am positive something bigger will come πŸ™‚ thanks for your post, I’m mesmerized.

    Andrea Aste

    • Hi Andrea! Yes, we will discover something amazing, all the people who work with the deck.

      I like the idea of the two extra cards and being totally free to interpret them. They are a bit like wild cards and jokers in playing cards.

      I keep finding all kinds of words in the Book of Shadows I like–notice I used the Mambo Jambo publishing reference? Every day I come across something that is inspiring. It’s just terrific to work with such imaginative cards.

  3. I feel really goofy! I saw Mambo Jambo publishing and I scream: o my gosh, it exists in reality!!! ahahah I was tricked by my own trickery ahahah πŸ™‚

    I am happy you like the idea of the 2 extra card. they were meant to be free, in order to make people be free in using them, play with them having fun, using fantasy and intuition. I am very happy you like my parallel world and cards πŸ™‚ I spent 3 years of my life in creating it, with no one believing in such a huge project. well..Now I am very happy, the dream is a reality πŸ™‚ I’ma dreamer with both feet strongly planted on the clouds! πŸ™‚

    • Aha, you see I was completely fooled by “Berith & Brimstone London, Since 1810” on the title page. Then I turned over to the verso page and I found the postal code for this publisher DE6 66VIL and I’m thinking “Oh-oh” and then I saw the ISBN 666-0-90000030-33 and I just laughed. You got me!

      I was telling Steve Bright that when I was a teenager and we were studying Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, I had to do an assignment for English class where I did a mock-up of a Roman newspaper and I had all kinds of references and puns and plays on words, similar to the things in your book. I really like that sort of thing, so going through your book absolutely delights me.

      I noticed a few of the comments by people who have bought the deck and book and didn’t seem to make an effort to actually read the book and find all these great things. They missed the elephant boat to Zaratania. πŸ˜‰

      Fortunately, I think there are more people who get it and appreciate your work. The Republic of Zaratania awaits those who find it.

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