I Meet the Alchemist of The Lost Code

I love the design of this kit. The matte black magnetic box with images in black gloss looks fabulous as does the typography and layout of the book. I like the cards and had no trouble identifying them, and they are nice cardstock and lamination.

I’m about halfway through reading the book and already images and snippets of writing are leaping out to me. I got the itch to doodle around with a journal, so I bought a midi-sized Paperblanks journal with blank white pages, that has a magnetic foldover and a cover based on an 18th century Persian watercolour that was found inside a book. It is on the upper right in this photograph.


I wanted to find a more Renaissance-inspired cover but this was what they had and it’s very pretty and has brown and gold accents that pick up colours in the cards and book of The Lost Code.


Lots of plans and words ahead. If the blank paper is like the lined paper in Paperblanks journals, it will take my fountain pens, and I’m going to use my bulletproof Noodler’s Lexington Gray ink for this.

I made two bookmarks from the band around the box, and it gives me a chance to pull out my two big books on alchemy and art and history. I hope to randomly tie things in as I like to do and just have fun puttering around with this deck.




4 thoughts on “I Meet the Alchemist of The Lost Code

    • I can hardly use my arm at the minute, not sure how well I’ll get on with drawing for a few weeks.

      Oh, and I made the mistake of watching the thing on the Mamas and the Papas that PBS is running during their pledge break, and now I’ve got the ear worm of Twelve Thirty with “young girls are coming to the canyon” over and over in my brain.


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