Fortuna Has a Fixed Centre

I am really enjoying this deck. I have to be quiet because I hurt myself so I spent some quiet minutes experimenting with my Lamy Safari fountain pen on the back page of my journal, using a quote on page 80 from The Book of Shadows about the Cosmic Elephant and animals floating through the heavens carrying stars.


I drew the symbols for The Divine, The Heavens, and Solitude and wrote my quotation and doodled around with a comet, stars and other symbols relevant to the book and cards. I was very pleased at how well my grey fountain pen ink matched the back of the cards, which you can see.



The symbols on the bottom left of this card mean Change of Destiny and All Things. I notice that the changing destiny symbol is also part of the solitude symbol which pleased me. Yes, all things are subject to the change of destiny, we have to roll with it.

The Wheel seems to turn by itself except for one creature that is touching it. A reminder that in some ways we can control our destiny and the ups and downs of life, despite the inevitability of change. I like the upper creature with wings that echoes the Sphinx usually found on this card. Other than that they look like big cats to me, the creatures who best bat things about, leaving you buffeted by life, forever chasing rolling balls.

I am a bundle of anxiety today, worrying about our home renovations and insects getting into the attic and desperately hoping nothing else goes wrong with the house. BUT the Wheel has a fixed centre, a comforting reminder of stability within the hurly-burly of wheeling around.



4 thoughts on “Fortuna Has a Fixed Centre

  1. Are you a lefty? I just noticed the slant of your handwriting. 🙂

    Cosmic Elephant? Now I’ll have to go google that one! I like your doodles. Rest and breathe my friend; that wheel will turn eventually.

    • No, I’m not a lefty, but when I was 11 I changed my handwriting to slant backward. It,s apparently a sign of introversion. 😉

      Thanks Bev, another hard day today.

    • Thanks Bobby. I managed to push it away for a couple of days. The contractor dropped by and he will make sure our new windows are working later this week, so that’s one thing.

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