In My Seasonal Camouflage



According to Deborah Leigh’s system of reading playing cards, the 10 of diamonds is about money, but a neutral card, neither good nor bad.

I took one look at this Ptarmigan photograph and thought “That’s me, hiding in the foliage.” Our exterior home renovation is taking much longer than planned, and when we took the concrete steps out we found a glitch, so I’ve gone from feeling fairly positive about repairs and such to feeling overwhelmed, worried, and hiding. As well, the spouse pushed me into hours and hours (when I only wanted to do two hours at a time so I wouldn’t hurt myself) of painting wood trim with a brush and it’s set off my carpal tunnel, tendinitis, and pain and fatigue. He could care less and is simply ignoring me.

So, I’m hiding in plain site, camouflaged in a chair reading several mysteries. I can’t hold a pen and my typing is limited to a few minutes at a time. I can’t do anything but rest. Instead of carefully balancing what I can do to avoid nerve damage and pain, I’m knocked out of living altogether. Blah.

Of course, I know nothing about ptarmigans. This is the Rock Ptarmigan (Lagopus mutus), and is a female in her summer plumage. They are the only birds to turn white in the winter to blend in with the snow, and brown in the spring and summer to blend with foliage. They are a subfamily of the grouse family.

Hide from the unpaid bills little bird, read the book Smoke by Dan Vyleta when you finish the current book.

Incidentally, I could never remember how to spell the word “camouflage” until studying a card one day a few years ago, I needed to spell it quite a bit in my write-up and it cemented itself in my spelling mind.

So there you go, cards at the fore of education and intellectual growth again!



4 thoughts on “In My Seasonal Camouflage

  1. That’s fascinating about the bird turning white to blend with the snow, isn’t it?

    That’s a pain that the work is taking longer and that the painting has set everything off. Definitely time to camouflage with a comfy chair and a good book!

    • It is fascinating. I believe snowshoe hares do that too, but I’ve never heard of a bird doing it. Ah, we know so little, eh?

      I am so frustrated sitting in a chair unable to move. I tried to use a pen to write 3 sentences today and barely got the words down. My writing is skewy and it’s painful. So much for sewing and embroidering a new nightie.

      It makes it hard to face the day, all this pain, on and on.

  2. Sigh… some men folk sometimes have a one track mind when it comes to getting things done. Glad you are resting and reading so that you can recuperate. Reading has always been my go-to for dealing with stress. It’s a drug-free remedy that helps take the pain away without dulling the mind.

    • He’s a high-energy man who can’t sit still, which is great until he starts forcing me to do hours of repetitive motion. 3 days later and I still can’t write or hold a comb to comb my hair. Then what happens is that I use my left arm to compensate and it starts getting nerve pain too. Aaaagh.

      I refer to reading as my escape. There is just nothing like it to get a break from the world, right? If you can’t concentrate on words, then you get a big picture book out and look at lovely pictures and captions. I have to prop my arm on a pillow these days to read without pain, but the book likes a comfy rest.

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