Let’s Go To Marseille and Have Some Plonk

I received some money and decided to buy myself a treat other than a book on the history of toile fabric. This book is a gorgeous thing but it’s not a card deck.


Intrigued by Andrea Aste’s The Lost Code of the Tarot because of the fantastically fresh artwork, stories and all the alchemy and history, I ordered it. The only Marseille deck I own is a little-fancied deck by Il Meneghello called Classico Tarocco di Marsiglia, whose Hermit inspired my interest some years ago.


Along with the deck kit I ordered two books on Marseille reading traditions.


Milestone birthdays need to be celebrated with art and story and the whole panoply of history.

Plus you can have a bowl of ice cream and maybe some rhubarb crumble with strawberries and apples.




12 thoughts on “Let’s Go To Marseille and Have Some Plonk

    • Thanks Chloe, my birthday was before but I’m just getting around to spending the treat money!

      I’ve been getting bored with daily draws and am keen to try mixing it up a bit. We’ve got all this exterior home reno stuff going on and I’m a bit scatty–need a good anchor.

  1. Happy Birthday my friend! I wish you much happiness and good health in the coming year (with a dollop of fun and mischievousness tossed in). 😀 I’m a simpleton when it comes to reading Marseilles type decks, leaning mostly on the booklet written by Lee Bursten.

    • Thanks Bev! Not my birthday this particular day but it took time to decide on a deck. Steve Bright has been doing interviews and chats with Andrea that were intriguing.

      The Paul Huson book I have goes into historical Marseille meanings somewhat in comparison but not how to read. I used to read with playing cards so it can be done but my accuracy was hit or miss.

      Nothing like learning a new thing.

    • Thanks, I hope so Steve. Thanks for suggesting the Ben-Dov book. I like your thought of making new friends in the gifts.

      I got this message partly typed and then forgot who I was typing to and had to edit. Must have been the jack-hammer going on for 6 hours outside the front door!

    • Thanks for the birthday wishes! I’ve had the Il Meneghello Marseille deck for a long time. I know many of the history buffs buy many different versions of Marseille decks, and while I find them interesting to compare I didn’t want to buy them all.

      The one I would like though is Le Tarot Noir–very interesting art in that particular Marseille deck, but I couldn’t afford it.

      I find your comments about the Elias book heartening. I don’t usually buy such books as I feel that some people bring their own bias and assumption to undocumented history, but this looked practical and interesting. I’m glad you dropped by.

      • I love Marseille decks but I agree, it is not sensible to buy them all. I happen to own Le Tarot Noir, had to wait some time to be able to purchase the deck, and let me just say it is beautiful and it reads wonderfully. The cards are big but they shuffle really well.

        • I am glad for you finding Le Tarot Noir. I don’t get too excited about decks and certainly not Marseille decks, but this one looked very, very special and the colouration was so different.

          Yes, I read in reviews about the large cards in the Noir. Darn, I LOVE large cards. It’s frustrating when a good deck like this is not more widely available. Anyway, you have a copy, I’m so happy for you!

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