Mulish Thoughts on Subtle Differences

I’ve been unable to use the computer much after practically doing the splits when I slipped on the kitchen floor while cleaning up, and then slamming my arm and shoulder into the counter while trying to hold myself up until the spouse came and grabbed one of my legs. How embarrassing, and the lump and bruises on my arm set up nerve pain.

So, I’ve been using my arm gently and catching up on last year’s sketches on my Manner and Material blog. Three more to go and I can get on with this year’s project and crack open my nice Stillman & Birn Zeta journal.

I was fortunate to have a friend send me a deck of playing cards called Discover Canadian Wildlife which has 52 different images. The irony being that he found the deck in the UK and mailed it over here!

I do love playing cards. As a sub-genre of my main deck collection, I have 64 playing card decks, many of them unusual. I like to learn about animals and this makes a great addition to all my animal decks, tarot or otherwise.

8 OF CLUBS – Mule Deer


When I looked at this I thought “Oh, it’s a white-tailed deer” which it is in general, except the tail has a black tip. Mule deer have slightly different antlers and huge mule-like ears, and are found in western North America rather than the east.

We get a lot of deer around here, which seem to be of the black-tailed variety, perhaps the Columbian Black-Tailed deer. Still, in my ignorance I really don’t know about anything except the white-tailed deer we saw in Ontario. This is the joy of card decks and spotting new animals when you move to a new region.

This reminds me that a quick glance can make you assume things that aren’t true. Always a danger.




6 thoughts on “Mulish Thoughts on Subtle Differences

  1. Oh dear, that sounds painful! Hope you’re taking it easy so you can heal. I had a bright idea a few months ago to stomp down a pizza box and fold it over with my feet (making it into a small square that would fit in the trash can). I had fuzzy socks on rather than shoes (not a great moment of wisdom to be sure!). I ended up sliding on the floor, grabbing a chair (that I pulled over) on the way down. My daughter came running and found me hysterically laughing on the floor with the overturned chair. Thankfully I didn’t hurt myself but did learn a lesson about pizza boxes and fuzzy socks. 🙂

    The mule deer looks like he sat in a puddle of white paint. The white-tailed deer have less white on their rears. You usually don’t notice it unless they lift their tails to signal an alert.

    • Floors around the world are conspiring to kill us.

      Okay, I will now be armed with information next time I see a deer (which is frequently around here.)

      I’ve seen a bald eagle every day this week–magic!

  2. Ouch.. I did that exact same thing a couple years ago on my polished wood bedroom floor… had just come out of shower and fell with up naked upper arm on the blazing hot chimney that runs through my room… owwwwwwwww…. so my pain was more the burn it eclipsed the rest!!! Hope your arm is better now… I pulled a muscle or tore tendon in my arm at the beginning of the year lifting a mower and I am amazed at just how much you use that muscle in your upper left arm in everyday life… (even if you are right handed)… it’s not until we damage a part that we realise how integral almost every part of the body is!!

    • It has healed for the most part, but I have really bad shoulder tendinitis from the first of the year–not sure why.

      Exactly: you don’t realize how much you use these muscles until you can’t. Blah, fie on injury.

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