While Awake Amid the In-between



The noble Elk has come to tell me of in-between energy, the time when you feel restless but nothing is happening or you have to wait for things to happen. The best thing to do is practice “as if” and carry on through your particular limbo. You have to be ready for time to shift and the right time to move along to come.

Funny about this, I was talking to someone about my next sketching project but I said I had to finish the eight images I was supposed to do last year. So I think this is referring to that. Fake it ‘til you make it. I don’t feel like going back and doing these but I want to because I can’t start the new project until I complete this one.

Yes definitely this is what this is about, I must get on but first I must keep doing these other ones and the new growth spurt will occur.

I made some progress yesterday on my “studio” so I think when this is done I will also be ready for my new Sketch 52 project. It looks an awful mess still, but I have that one box on the right to empty and fold and organize and then it’s basically a regular old tiddy-tidy and vacuum. Then I can sit at my drafting board again. Whee!!


Meanwhile I’ve got “Chickasaw” and “Periscope” to do. I have known for months what I’m drawing but just couldn’t make myself do it. Now I have an incentive AND I’ll be able to use the new watercolours and watercolour pencils I bought last November.

Elk says things are moving, shifting, the breakthrough is coming!




4 thoughts on “While Awake Amid the In-between

  1. I’ll do no finger-wagging if you choose to move on to the next project instead of finish the other one. You were sort of busy with a move across the country at the tail end of the sketch project! You can give yourself a break if you want. 🙂

    • I’m really keen on finishing it Bev, and I made the commitment in my mind, so it’s important to finish, it’s like a moral responsibility that I have to follow through on.

      I’ve had an almost 8-month break!!!

    • It,s great, I got a new lamp and my drafting board is right by a window–lots of light and fresh air–no more frigid, gloomy basement for me.

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