Too Many Daydreams



I guess I’ve been told! I got an idea for both a very neat embroidery project and a polymer clay piece to put on a journal cover. I haven’t even unpacked my craft supplies yet.

I’m a bit worried about my fabric, it seems to be somewhat musty after the move and staying packed for six months. I washed some bits to use in the embroidery project yesterday, and they are still a bit musty. Hopefully the steam iron will help, but I have a lot of fabric so it’s disheartening.

Well, I must get these things unpacked and airing out as best I can. The illusions of daydreams grabbed me but I have to get down to practical things. These projects will be fantastic at a later time, but not now. I need to keep my focus on unpacking the last little bits of stuff.




4 thoughts on “Too Many Daydreams

    • Good news Bev, they ARE airing out after several days and smelling much better. I think they just needed airing. I will be washing any fabric I use so that should take care of anything if necessary. The ones I washed two days ago smell fine now.

      I was so relieved.

  1. Glad to hear they are airing!

    Just to let you know, I sent through a package a couple of weeks ago. I was going to leave it as a surprise but thought I should mention it.

    • Oh wow, I am excited. Okay, we have all week at least for post. They may or may not get locked out on the weekend, we may have a few days next week. I will advise you if it comes and if not I’ll advise you of the postal situation. Thanks!

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