Rescue in a Painted Room

The spouse is doing a great job getting our den ready for painting and putting a coat of primer on the doors. We bought good Benjamin Moore paint so don’t expect any surprises.

I had a week of “If I see another government document or form I’m going to scream” reaction and I found myself in tears and sleepless panic all week.

While putting some things away I came across the bottle of Rescue Remedy that I bought for my pets while we were travelling across the country. I only used it once on them, but I took a dose for two nights running, and I’ll take another tonight. It seems to be helping, whether as a placebo or proper homeopathic, I really don’t care.



Ah, I nearly bought the Schleich swan figure once but I’m running out of room. We have seen a swan down by a land spit here, swimming in the ocean very jauntily. I felt amazed that a white swan was swimming in the sea, as I think of them as freshwater birds, but as long as they spend most of their time in freshwater and drinking freshwater, I guess an outing on the sea won’t hurt them. I haven’t seen it for a while so it might have been resting a few days before passing inland toward a lake.

The amazing swan: aren’t they something we take for granted, like an icon or symbol that is just there? I see so many bald eagles here, so what was once mythical is every day, but still they are magnificent, something that turns the head, the majesty of nature.

This is one of the reasons I’m fond of animal decks—the fresh eye of art can make something iconic leap out and become more real.

Today was a day to come together, putter in the home and get things done and go to the library. I donated yet another large book that I lugged across the country needlessly, but perhaps the book was resting here before passing inland?

4 thoughts on “Rescue in a Painted Room

    • Exactly, this argument about homeopathic medicine bugs me because it doesn’t make it any less viable if it is acting as a placebo.

      I had a Bach Flower blend from a naturopath once–didn’t do a thing for me, so I’m fairly cynical about whether it works or not. However, this Rescue Remedy seems to be different.

      I had no idea about swans either. We saw this guy swimming about in the sea on a couple of our walks. He was about 15 feet away from us and so lovely to look at.

  1. They have black swans here in NZ, they seem to be more common than white… I have a starnge history with swans… one of my female ancestors had their leg broken by a swan and we are not sure if that’s what gave myself and my daughters and my mother and her mother etc a fear of the *f* word… (Bird clothing… can’t even write it!)

    • Hey, that’s interesting–like an ancestral memory thing. I think I told you once about my Mom and birds–she would shake even to touch a toy bird after being chased by a chicken on a farm when she was very young.

      Oh, and Bobby, regarding a comment you made elsewhere, I always like to reply to comments on my blogs. I like to chat and discuss ideas, and I find it incredibly rude when people on other blogs don’t acknowledge or answer my comments or e-mails. I’ve lost respect for a few tarot authors because of that.

      No biggie to reply, you are a vital, interesting person. Up vitality and reciprocal communication!

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