Impulses of the Creative Spirit in Sage Green

Oh so young and tender she looks, turning away, sheltering her frightened hare.



We moved two bookcases and emptied two others yesterday and put 6 drop cloths on the floor and filled several holes in the walls. Yes, we didn’t have enough to do, we are painting the third bedroom which we use as a den. After deciding to move a loveseat in there, the walls were so crummy we figured we should paint it now before I haul out and set up dollhouses in there.

New windows have already gone in, but the walls and ceiling are dirty and the previous occupant was a small boy who nailed many things into the walls.


The Page was hesitant, so she’s turned away to get used to the idea and take a sip of clear, cold water with a sprinkle of reason in it. When you get a notion, a hunch that something needs to be done, go ahead. We hurt all over but we’re chipping away at it over several days. While the spouse is painting, I will unpack and organize all my fabric so that I can sew decorative cushions.

This room, this dirty beige monstrosity, wants a quiet bit of sage green and attendant cushions and mantis.


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