The Smooth Cool Feel of Decisions

I drew this pair a few days ago and was reluctant to part with them as I felt they had something less transitory to say to me, I wanted to sit with them all week and ponder.



The feeling I got from Justice is that she is hiding in fear, rather tentative or insecure.  Decisions loom large. I smiled at this because in our continuing saga of home renovations, it has become apparent that we need new siding, gutters, soffit, downspouts and three new bathroom windows. We also need to have the concrete path and stairs by the front entry ripped out and replaced. We spent all week consulting with contractors.

The financial reality was a blow. We can’t afford concrete stairs so hopefully we can have cedar ones built. Then we need to buy new exterior lighting. We will be painting all the wood trim ourselves to save some money. It’s still a blow.

So we went out and bought a sofa bed. Take that reality! We have nowhere to put guests and I wanted to rectify that before all the money went in a couple of months. Sigh.

The Star rarely comes up for me but I think of it as a gentle, flowing kind of card. POSITIVE transformation, take the time for hope and change. It’s going to work out even though we both feel paralyzed at the thought of spending so much on getting this house fixed and watertight. And there she is pouring water out on the card, she must have seen our gutters overflowing.

Never mind, life is like this for everyone, I feel my hand slipping through the liquid of reality, the smooth, cool feel of growth and change.




5 thoughts on “The Smooth Cool Feel of Decisions

    • It is the Linestrider Tarot. Published by Llewellyn, not sure if it is out in general release yet.

      It was self-published and then Llewellyn picked it up thank goodness. I just loved the artwork by Siolo Thompson and wanted to have it. I’ve been VERY pleased with it.

      If you look at my tags for my posts, I note the decks I use. They are very small in print though.

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