The Brilliant Red of Understatement



Man, this is a gorgeous card. Mr. Harum Scarum (as I call this knight) often seems to look a bit silly dashing off hither-thither, completely irrational. Here he has dignity. His horse is firing up and ready to go but Mr. Harum Scarum is thinking about it, measuring in his mind what he should do. Rather out of character but I like the fresh stability he is exhibiting. It’s not that he isn’t going to dash off but he’s not doing it right away.

I’ve got a few projects on the go and was feeling a bit scattered, which is when this fellow usually turns up for me. We have a laugh about doing too many things at once, but we have learned to hang back a bit, maybe finish the first two things we started before starting the third.

He has that tremendous intellect and energy which is inspiring, but I like that the intensity of his focus seems directed well in this card, rather than all over the place.

There are some interesting notes in the book about his lack of tact and poor ability in interpersonal relations. Oh yes, we share that too, no wonder he often comes up for me. The other thing she mentions is that you can channel his energy when you don’t feel heard. he has no patience with that and will speak up, so think of him if you don’t feel heard by others. I liked that. Like the picture, he turns the red on, turns the heat up, so people hear him.





7 thoughts on “The Brilliant Red of Understatement

  1. I had to do a double take there. I thought this was a card from the Da Vinci Enigma. Similar set-up. Haha, at Mr Harum Scarum. What is it you always call Mr Knight of Pentacles?

    • Hey, it is reminiscent of the Da Vinci Enigma Tarot. Well spotted!

      The Knight of Pents is “Old Stodgy” and I think of the Knight of Cups as “The Grail Knight” on his quest. The Knight of Wands I don’t have a name for. Not sure why he escaped detection of his real name. Wands people maybe? I try to avoid them. ;-)))

  2. So do the splashes of watercolor symbolize any idea in particular based on color in this deck? That knight looks like he is giving someone or something the stare-down. 🙂

    • No, not that i found mention of. Generally, anger can be associated with Swords according to her overview of the suit, so it might simply be a hint at that.

  3. It’s so interesting how we have certain “go-to” understandings of these chaps. For me, the Knight of Cups is Mr In Love With Love, and this fellow is Mr Charge In Where Angels Fear To Tread (hmm, those are more like native American names, not quite as snappy, it’s true). The Knight of Wands would be Mr The Fire That Burns Hottest Burns Out Fastest, and the Knight of Pentacles is Mr Slow But Steady Wins The Race 😀

    • Yes, I like the way people have their own titles for cards. Oh, I like that “in love with love” idea for the Knight of Cups.

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