Startled Deer Meets Death by the Briney

Last week in a thrift store I found a lovely wooden tabletop frame for 50 cents, and yesterday when I was out browsing for a Father’s Day card I bought two greeting cards to try in the frame. They didn’t fit but I traded cards in frames and eventually got something for it.

I’m dragging around after only 4 to 5 hours of sleep, so a bit of decoration cheered me up. I found a small card with a lovely photograph of a shell for another frame that I removed a card from. It says “remembering” which seemed apt as I remember not to invest in people who denigrate me. It also reminds me of the sea and nature and what’s important under the moon and stars.




While looking for animals last week I came across the Heart Tarot which I love but rarely use, because I have to be so careful getting it in and out of the box which is too tight.

I like the extra detail of the pheasant on the Linestrider Tarot. The running deer and pheasant speak of movement but a startled, frightened sort of movement. Perhaps a reminder to choose my time, to get things done instead of procrastinating to the last minute which always leaves me scrambling and frantic?

Paired with Death, I think of creative death, things that cause creativity to die, and how too much brooding and planning can impede swift movement. Let the ghosts fade into the background and deal with now. Part of remembering is remembering to live in the moment.



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4 Responses to Startled Deer Meets Death by the Briney

  1. Beverly King says:

    Beautiful image to go with “remembering.” 🙂 Now you need a shell to put beside it!

    • JJ says:

      You’re a danger Bev! The last thing i need is another decorative object. We just hit the Salvation Army thrift shop and bought home a ceramic vase and two ceramic planters for $6. We are going mad with decor.

  2. tarottiferet says:

    Very true about living in the moment. Something we should all remember!

    I love seeing these figurines with the cards! They bring real joy!

    • JJ says:

      Yup, i find these little figures to be a lot of fun. I’ve got to find a place to put them, I’m running out of room.

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