Bunnies Feel Good with Some Distance

I picked a page at random from the Linestrider book and found:



This card makes me think of interaction or relatedness, the ability to curl into The Other.

There is a line in the reversed meaning of this card that struck me: “…be wary of overinvesting in someone who has different long-term goals than you.” I tend to do that with people, when it’s simply an ad hoc relationship for a certain time or purpose.

When I was very young, I would follow people and imitate their speech patterns and likes and dislikes, burying anything I thought that was contrary to them. As I got older I used to think everyone I met would be a creative partner in art or writing, a person I could make things with, get inspiration from. I was disappointed.

These days I think more of my true self, rather than trying to reflect other people. There’s nothing wrong with short-term acquaintance, but the key word here is “overinvesting”.

The rock group Sloan has a great line in the song If It Feels Good Do It that comes to my mind here:

I can’t invest my time
I’ve tried it all and I’m tired of trying

Rabbits like a cuddle but they’ve got stuff to do independently that doesn’t require subsumption.




2 thoughts on “Bunnies Feel Good with Some Distance

  1. I can remember trying to imitate the cursive writing of someone when I was younger. The shadow of that can still be seen in my signature. I guess we all “try on” the beliefs, habits and styles of other people to figure out what fits and what doesn’t. We end up sewing our own set of “clothes” eventually.

    • Okay, well maybe it’s one of those rite of passage things where we try to find our place.

      After unpacking recently, I found a framed card, produced by a deck creator, that I had bought years ago. I said to myself “This person was never a friend” and decided to use this card when I next write one of my pen pals, and replace it in the frame with a nice card with local art.

      Not only were they not a friend but they were very disdainful of me, quite derisive of my lack of marketing skill when I was selling things online. That “overinvesting” aspect of this card fits my experience with her.

      I found this a good thing to remember.

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