The Great Mantid Imperative

While discussing The Hermit card in the Animal Totem Tarot on May 13th, I was moaning that I wasn’t able to find a suitable mantis figure. Someone heard my plea, and an amazing occurrence happened yesterday when I received a large plastic mantis figure all the way from Hawaii in the mail. Obviously someone recognized the absolute NEED for something like this.


Yes, he’s heading for the dining room to check out those cat figurines in the new cabinet.

Today, Mr. Mantis and I decided to explore card decks in my collection that feature mantids. Rare is the artist who recognizes the need to feature one of these insects in a deck, but there are artists hip to the vibe, fortunately for our examination. UPDATE: I discovered that Paulina Cassidy is working on her new deck the Spiritsong Tarot, and it will have a mantis as The Hanged Man as well as other animals on each card.


Wow, six of them turned up for the party. The little green guy in the Osho Zen is sitting on the man’s hand, but if you look closely you can see his triangular head turning sideways as they discuss the outrageous prices of Meissen porcelain. Yeah, that would get anyone talking.


So ends our exploration for today.

There seems to be an essential need for a piece of artwork featuring a mantis with a cat figurine, have you noticed this?




8 thoughts on “The Great Mantid Imperative

    • Yes, that was interesting. The “Danger” and Queen of Swords cards tie in to the one thing mantids are known for–eating their mates before or after mating.

      The other four cards bring another view–really fascinating.

    • Oh well, they get a bit annoyed if you won’t discuss Meissen porcelain with them. The trick is to know your patterns, the Blue Onion pattern seems to be a favourite with mantids, and they particularly like the pierced version.

  1. My Little One enjoyed this exploration, as he sat on my lap and read it with me. He kept saying “What’s that?”, to which I replied “It’s a mantis…It’s another mantis” He loved trying to say the word 😉 I don’t know enough about mantids to assess whether they are a good fit for all those cards…

    • Oh Chloe, what a great thing to do with a child. I’m a great believer in children learning about animals and life situations, archetypes, and story through card decks.

      Children love pictures, don’t they? And they like using pictures and making their own stories–it’s a good way to fire up the imagination, to play, to reflect quietly.

      So glad to hear this, thanks for telling me!!

  2. One does like a good card comparison post, as you know 😉

    And how great to receive the figure! There is a package packed up and ready to zoom your way right here too 😀✨

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