Bower Birds Everywhere

My computer is giving me problems again. Upon checking, I find that it is 5 years old and perhaps should be upgraded. Apart from the Windows Update fiasco that many people are having, I notice that it no longer runs videos online without revving up the CPU and it is missing other things.

However, I got my smartphone hooked up to my micro stereo via Bluetooth, and using wi-fi and an app for my favourite jazz radio station, I can pick it up now all the way from Toronto and stream it through this little stereo system. The Bluetooth/wi-fi connection cuts out now and then and I have to turn it on and off, but otherwise it’s better than the three radio stations I get here. That cheered me up. The Android operating system on the phone reminds me a bit of Windows—not keeping up, not handling the technology etc.

I received the Linestrider Tarot and was chuffed to see that it too has a bower bird like the Animal Totem Tarot.


Build your bowers, protect yourself from Microsoft chaps, you never know what new stunt they’re going to pull to make people upgrade their computers that operated perfectly well until Windows 10 updates were foisted upon them. Unfortunately some of my vital software does not run on a Mac, so I’m stuck.

“Bugger it!” say the bower birds in unison.


10 thoughts on “Bower Birds Everywhere

  1. Bugger indeed! I just happened to notice a Windows 10 notification that was going to install itself on my computer without my approval. I’m not even sure how they can get away with that.

    • Don’t even get me going on this Bev. I’ve been doing workarounds since January and using the command prompt to fix the issue by turning things on and off and deleting things from the Windows folder and applying fixes from Microsoft.

      Every month I get a solution, and every month it comes back, requiring another round of frigging about and trying to find something someone else has done that works.

      I’m hoping someone will issue a fix again. This was totally unnecessary by Microsoft, and terribly irresponsible. Holding people hostage and ruining their computers…grrrr.

  2. There are some ways to run Windows software on a Mac. You can reboot into an installed Windows setup without buying anything extra (other than Windows itself, which you already own). Or use software like Parallels that lets you use Windows apps or run Windows “live” on a Mac.

    It doesn’t let you eliminate Windows, but it does isolate it and let you use a Mac if you prefer. 🙂

    • I’d forgotten about that. One guy I used to talk to about 12 years ago had Macs, and he used to refer to using Windows as “going to the dark side” because I guess all the Mac stuff cuts out when you had to use a Windows application.

      Mostly it’s Photoshop–I’ve got the old CS5 version which I love and use every day. It has trouble sometimes on Windows 10 in any case. Then there’s Gliftex which I also love and use and used to do beta testing for. Also IrfanView which I use every day. My top three programs.

      Thanks Jase, I just don’t think I can swing the money for a Mac, but maybe I’ll wait a bit and think about it.

    • I like the cards of the Linestrider–not sure about the book, it’s not as good as the book with the Animal Totem. The Linestrider book is a bit gobbledygookish, I don’t have a lot of patience for New Age gobbledygook. I’m trying to remain open to it, but I think it might fail me.

      Rational Jude does not like esoteric la-dee-da books.

        • The book for the Mary-el is silly. It”s a complete mish-mash of history, inaccurate mythology, and esoteric crap.

          I cannot abide stuff like that. I actually loved her artwork, too bad about her lack or writing and researching skill.

  3. Nice to see these animal decks together. As you know, I’ve had my fill of la-Dee-da over the years too. I like the ‘tell it to me straight’ method of writing 😏

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