I Sing from the Atoll for Llewellyn Worldwide

I just wanted to say that in a world of poor customer service, I had a terrific experience with Llewellyn Worldwide when trying to sort out problems with my Animal Totem Tarot. I didn’t expect anything but I was floored by the service I got, it was exceptional. It meant the world to me because I use my cards a lot and use them creatively. Bless you K. at Llewellyn, you really, really made my day.

In contrast, I wrote to several deck artists in the past year, simply to say I liked their work and not a reply did I get from any of them. I like a good natter with other artists about creating art, and in the past I’ve had some good conversations with some talented deck artists. Perhaps conversation has gone out of style in a world of Facebook pseudo-friends and endless tweeting nonsense? People could instead be writing about cards and art for God’s sake.

This week I’ve lost track of how many cartons I unpacked. We finally got the cabinet with the glass doors put together after about 11 hours and three days of work. “Oh sure,” the reviewers at Canadian Tire said, “it only took me 1.5 hours to assemble.” We thought the assembly would never end. However, here’s a picture of my dining room to show my passage. Hey, cat figurines are back in my life! All cleaned and shiny and in their new cabinet along with some other breakables.


I also took some old pictures in for reframing and bought three more houseplants and ceramic pots for them. As you can see I have some work to do to get the dining table cleared but I have a new quilted table runner planned for it when I do get it cleared.




This is an Atoll, which is described as a “complete, thriving World” in the book. It’s a pity that my association with the word “atoll” comes from nuclear bomb testing sites. Isn’t it a tragedy to kill a complete world?

To sustain a thriving ecosystem , things have to come together, the right things have to happen. I have been rereading some of my journals from earlier this year and it’s amazing how things fit together for us when we sold our old house and moved. So, something came to an end (our old life) and now the conditions exist to build a new world. All the conditions to make my world better are inside of me. I find that heartening.

Oh, and my cat figurines are out of boxes after 2.5 years. Gotta love that world builder.




6 thoughts on “I Sing from the Atoll for Llewellyn Worldwide

  1. Great to hear you got such good service from Llewellyn.

    And I love your glass cabinet. Wow, you must have quite a collection of cats, to fill that up!

    Huh, I didn’t know that was the definition of an atoll, either. It’s wonderful when you know you can make your world better. Have you started detoxing? Though I would think that deboxing also has an effect on how you feel, and from there on your health 🙂

    • 2/3 of the cabinet is cats and the rest is breakable decorative things.

      I have detoxed, it didn’t last too long fortunately, so feeling better and yes, clearing up things and putting them away helped my mood considerably, thanks.

  2. Gladdens my heart to hear you had a good customer service experience with Llewellyn. I’ve only had one artist write me back – the creator of the Urban Tarot. I thought her deck and book were the best set I’d bought in years. The cabinet looks great!

    • Thanks Bev, i wasn’t sure if the cabinet would be okay but it seems to fit, thank goodness and it,s great to get some of my breakable things away and safe and on display again.

  3. That’s wonderful to read!

    I have had some great feedback from creators and artists too – Emily Ellershaw, Kyle Gray (and Jason McCreedie), and Jane Delaford-Taylor being the most notable. But also some really kind words written by the creators and artists of other decks as well, thanking me for my reviews or for using them in my videos. As I have mentioned a good few times, I was also very impressed by the service at Hay House. It really does make a difference. I’ll always put energy into those who appreciate the customer. But yeah, I also recognise those who can’t even be bothered to respond to a comment.

    Love, love, loving the cabinet!!!

    • I’ve had many nice connections with deck artists. I guess when you create a deck there is a huge buzz at first and people write and sing your praises. In my observation from the Jump the Shark Forum, it doesn’t last. One minute they’re your greatest fan and then they are trading your deck and looking for the next big thrill.

      I suppose this engenders some cynicism (naturally) from deck authors. And perhaps they need some distance and protection from masses of people.

      Mom and Dad always taught me to reply though. Good manners and all.

      That cabinet is so you! I love it too–wasn’t sure if it would be noticeably different juxtaposed with the antique table and chairs but it looks great, a nice complement to them.

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