Four Wands and a Gorgeous Bower

I have a number of bird decks, including a deck of playing cards with Chinese titling that took me several years to gather information for and write up a sheet on. Yeah, I like looking up birds. So today’s card really lit me up!



This is a Bowerbird, and it looks specifically like the Satin Bowerbird (Ptilonorhynchus violaceus) which is from eastern Australia. Male bowerbirds build elaborate structures and decorate them with flowers and other objects that attract attention from females during the mating season.

In the Rider-Waite tradition, this card often shows a wedding bower so how perfect is this choice of a bowerbird for the Four of Wands? Somebody was thinking, which is a good thing when creating card decks. I was remarking that I’ve never heard of a bowerbird and then I thought “Maybe I’ve never given my best?” which is a deeper reflection for today.

As well as the courtship or marriage aspect, and treating your spouse with your best attitude and effort, this is about doing the best job you can, really pulling it out and being the best version of yourself. There is a structural aspect too, leading me to think of structure in health issues, doing the basics like eating properly and drinking water, having that base.

I have so many ideas for finishing old quilt tops and decorating tea towels with fabric and painting a large abstract, but I haven’t felt well or energetic and this is a good reminder for me of a different way of structuring my life.

If your structure is good you can then decorate, it’s all part of the total ideal, the best you can bring to life.


3 thoughts on “Four Wands and a Gorgeous Bower

  1. When I heard there was an animal tarot coming out, I didn’t get excited. I thought of the few that I’ve seen that had more to do with New Ageisms attributed to animals and less to do with the actual behavior and characteristics of animals. But this one has pleasantly surprised me!

    • I too thought “Meh” when I heard there was a new animal deck, but this has been surprisingly well done, definitely a keeper.

      I’m not big on New Ageisms either, give me a good scientific name any day. I got rid of the Mary-el because of the mish-mash of gobbledygook in the book–I have no patience for junk thinking.

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