Hermit Gathers Friends Around Him



Unfortunately the world does not produce mantis figures for one to purchase. I vow one day to draw one up as it’s one of the insects I really like.

Today is a bit of a Hermit day for me as I have hurtled into a serious health problem (again.) I am feeling better than the last two days but need to rest and eat lots of fruit, vegetables and drink water.

Yes, Mantis tells me to remove myself for a time. I also like the reminder here of resting overnight because solutions and better feelings often arise with the sun after a sleep. Having space for a bit is not running away or denying a problem, it’s not a delay, it’s a way of allowing a solution to occur. Relax into the darkness and then pop out into the light again.

Mantids are wise, are they not?

I suppose I shouldn’t have, but during a bad moment yesterday I ordered some figures to go with this deck. They go with other decks too, and one of the days I must have a photo session, but right now I am trying to finish unpacking so don’t want to divert myself.



Gerry Durrell used to talk about lemurs a lot in his books, so I wanted to get that one. I couldn’t find the Papo brand possum with babies on its back that I wanted to go with the Badgers Forest Tarot, so I thought I’d get the Papo lemur while it was available. Oops, I had to delete it as I ran out of money, so I just got the four.

And Dave really wanted that penguin, you know? I have to keep Dave happy.




2 thoughts on “Hermit Gathers Friends Around Him

  1. That mantid is wise, moving only when she needs to and being still when she doesn’t. Hope you do the same! 🙂 Great figures (Dave has good taste in penguins).

    • Dave is a tasteful guy but you wouldn’t know it from looking at him.

      There was another penguin with a baby at his feet–I was tempted to get that or the single penguin plus the penguin with the baby to accurately reflect the card but I figured that was getting a bit carried away. One noble penguin only for me.

      I’m going back to bed now after arising at 4:30 a.m.–don’t know if i can sleep but I can rest.

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