Dave and His Sheep Contemplate Penguins

I heard a ruckus coming out of a plastic bin at the foot of my bed this morning at 1 a.m., and had to investigate. It was Dave shouting for help, absolutely sick of the musky smell of Chimera after being locked in a box with the animal for four months. He was worried about the sheep getting pneumonia in all that funk.

Having escaped, they are admiring my new cactus and the wooden box with the carved owls for the Animal Totem Tarot. Yeah, those sheep do look a bit wonky and appreciate some fresh air. Dave’s looking a tad punchy himself. Get out and roister about on the Duncan Phyfe table why don’t you?




All’s right with the world. Dave noted how similar his colouring is to these penguins, and then encouraged me to buy a penguin figure. Yes Dave, I think I might, and I might throw in a puffin and some other animals as well. Got to beef up the plastic animal figures for the new deck.

Step into community in order to live and thrive; you deserve happiness and joy.

I’ll take that. If only I could find a capybara figure…


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