Dings and Confidence

I am chipping away at unpacking still, I have one more row of card decks in a plastic bin and I am done unpacking every single deck. Whee!!

I received my replacement deck of the Animal Totem Tarot, and it is generally fine although several of the cards have a problem from when they were printed and rolled off the press. Fortunately the face of the cards is fine, but this is obviously how the other card I sent back was ripped.


I sent the very nice woman from Llewellyn customer service a picture of this, so they’d have a record of printing problems. It’s too bad because I’ve been waiting for them to publish the Linestrider Tarot, but this experience has put me off buying any deck from Llewellyn. They used to print such lovely decks, and I can bear witness to that with my collection.

This IS a lovely deck and book, with beautiful art and comprehensive writing, but the printing is abominable. I feel bad for publishers, but this is not acceptable in a deck that costs $30 plus tax.



I like the thought in the book that this young mountain goat looks so sure-footed, but he is that way from practice, from using the path regularly and imprinting his muscle memory.

So it is with anything you do. I just ordered two Gotrick Cradled Wood Panels to paint an abstract diptych to go over my fireplace mantel. One must have art darlings!

My skill and muscle memory with acrylics will improve as I go along. “Just remember the golden rule: don’t look down.” I haven’t felt sure-footed for years so perhaps after our cross-country move and upheaval things will change. I must imprint myself with new patterns.

Don’t look down, don’t look back.



4 thoughts on “Dings and Confidence

    • I’m keen Bev. Like I need another project, but this place was The Beige House when we bought it, I need colour and art.

      The last time I tried to paint an acrylic abstract was for my review of the Diary of a Broken Soul Tarot and I did it on a rescued stretched canvas and just didn’t like working on canvas. So these wood panels will feel better to me while I’m working.

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