Under Glass Today

I was surprised that someone from Llewellyn actually did offer to send me a replacement for the damaged card in the Animal Totem Tarot. Unfortunately, it took a few days to contact me and I’d already sent the deck back to Amazon. My replacement deck is coming and is supposed to be here tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it’s fine, but if not, I now have a contact name.

4 OF SWORDS (Solitude)


It feels like an uneasy respite. I have to take it easy as my right side is in a bad way with various pain. We have geared up for more unpacking, and unpacked another 11 boxes, and now need to hang some pictures and put together a glass cabinet from a box for the dining room so I can put breakables away.

Great, another home reno type of project with the spouse. The spouse is getting older and a bit…confused about working things out or making decisions or remembering details. So to put this cabinet together I will have to read the instructions and provide valuable assistance. Ha-ha.

Oh boy, hot diggity. Maybe that glowing green light in the card will suck me away to the planet Zoltar.


2 thoughts on “Under Glass Today

  1. I tell my husband that he married me because I can read directions and put things together. 😀 The tool box and power tools are all mine!
    Hope you get a chance to rest and let your pain subside.

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