Alas, My Eight of Wands Ran Too Fast

I received the Animal Totem Tarot in the mail yesterday and it was fine except for one card which had part of the surface ripped off. I wrote to Llewellyn to ask for a new card but as these things go I may not have any success in getting the card replaced.

Of course the rubbed off bit is right where you notice it, above the horse’s head! It also would tear further were I to try to shuffle the deck. It has put me off buying any of their decks again.

Llewellyn used to have such nice decks with heavy lamination, but this one feels really cheaply done, and the well for the cards is too tight, I can hardly get them in and out. That’s a shame because this is a nice deck, I really like the artwork.




There is a such a thing as having too much energy. He went so fast he ripped the sky.

While browsing in a garden centre gift shop, I saw a box I thought would be perfect for this deck. Originally, the owl’s eyes were painted white which made them look a bit cartoonish, so I repainted them with a mix of raw umber and black. There are a bit restless since they feel they can’t have their deck until the damaged card gets rectified.



6 thoughts on “Alas, My Eight of Wands Ran Too Fast

  1. Well dang, that’s a disappointment to find a card damaged. I’ve gone on ebay and picked up a deck cheap just to replace some damaged cards before (as it the publisher didn’t seem interested in replacing any).
    I like the owl eyes in black – they sort of look like they’re smiling with crinkled eyes. If in white, I would imagine they would look like an insomniac’s 4 am stare. 🙂

    • They looked a bit odd, almost like a blackface troupe–not nice at all.

      Yeah, I’m bummed out about the card. Llewellyn does not help people at all when stuff like this happens, but I still wrote and sent them a picture. Maybe they’ll change their crap printer if enough people complain.

  2. Oh, what a shame about the Eight of Wands. I hope you do get a replacement. Otherwise, could you return the entire deck and get a refund? I’ve been enjoying this deck quite a lot, but agree the stock quality has changed from previous offerings…

    • I love the deck I don’t want to send it back. I know Llewellyn will never send a replacement card, because that’s the way they operate. So much for love and light and all their lovey-dovey books.

      But I’m not bitter! Hahaha.

        • I could return it but it came in an oversized box because it came with two books. It would take a week or more to get back, then it would take the same to get a new one to me.

          Then there’s no guarantee that the new one isn’t damaged. Judging by the quality of these cards, I bet a lot of them have problems.

          However, after thinking about it and checking the stock at amazon, I decided to ask for a replacement and then send this damaged one back. Rigmarole but I know it would bother me after spedning such a high price.

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