Dipping Toes in the Progress Pool

I wrote an interesting letter yesterday where you had to use as many words as possible beginning with the letter “A” and I did that plus a nice drop cap “A” at the beginning with a flower motif in the lower corner too. All hand inked and coloured and I used Diamine Damson in my fountain pen which is a nice greyish purple. Then I mailed it in a handmade envelope with wildflowers inked and coloured on it.

That’s pretty much all I did apart from a 3-hour nap. I’m having a pain flare-up and nerve pain and not feeling well and lacking zip. I need to unpack and organize some more but I hurt, just plain ache all over, which kind of kills any impetus I have for anything.

7 OF PENTACLES (Progress)


This is one of my favourite images in this deck. I never noticed before how the progression is hinted at in the style and expense of the chairs. I need to get a new chair for an old desk, so it makes me smile.

Progress is often a slow thing. One book I have mentions that it’s like water boiling: nothing seems to be happening and then all of a sudden bubbles appear and seconds later the water is roiling and boiling.

This is an auspicious card, things grow, the magic happens, but it takes time. While waiting you can take stock and reevaluate goals and where you’d like to go, look at your dreams, and decide that you’ve done well so far.

If momentum wanes, keep moving, however slowly. Unpack one box, write one letter, draw one picture. Look after the body, eat properly and take care of it. Waves and cycles, even the dips allow growth and creativity, although it doesn’t feel that way.




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