More Animals Who Like Envelopes

That goodly fellow, Steve Bright, alerted me to these twice and I wasn’t sure because I’ve got a lot of animal decks already. I was thinking of buying the app for it, but I do like an actual card to hold.

Today I find myself dithering over buying two books on painting with acrylics. So while looking at books this deck came to mind and I saw a sample online of the 3 of Swords. I mentioned yesterday how particular I was about the art on the 3 of Swords and there is a poignant and painful depiction on the card:


It takes me a while to think about spending money on things, so I’m thinking on it.

Meanwhile I made some envelopes. I understand that animal totems enjoy hand decorated envelopes, which might persuade me to buy this deck.




8 thoughts on “More Animals Who Like Envelopes

  1. That is a really well done Three of Swords image. I’ve watched NG shows that have elephants tenderly caressing the bones of dead elephants, as if in memory of them. It was very moving. I’m like you with the animal decks; I have a lot already and the animal oracles make more sense to me.
    Love those zentangled envelopes!

    • Thanks Bev, I,ve written my letters so the envelopes will go off in the post today.

      I love this image, so I ordered the deck. Besides, I get to use some of my plastic animal figures with it. I think I will need a capybara figure though…;-)

  2. That is a really touching image. Hits far deeper than many others, doesn’t it?! It’s by the same artist who did the Llewellyn Classic I think. Look forward to seeing how it works for you!

    • Yeah, it’s a deep image. Oh, I didn’t realize Eugene Smith had done another tarot–I don,t have that Llewellyn one. Thanks for pointing that out.

  3. Love your envelopes! I always decorate the envelopes of greeting cards, by turning the person’s initials into an illustartion. Usually black and white, simple line art.

    I bought and returned that deck (unopened) this week. I am drawn to the art, but realized I’ve never used my other animal tarot deck (by Dawn Brungle, I think), and I rarely use my animal oracles. I like animals, but I guess I prefer other cards for reading with.

    That is a poignant image, for sure. I love that one of the cards I saw online looked like it had a manatee riding a wave!

    • I like simple black and white line art. I had planned to do these envelopes like that and then do highlights in white–think that looks good on kraft paper, but I couldn’t find my white pencil, it’s still packed away.

      For me, the animal decks are necessary because I like to draw and paint animals and find other people’s art inspiring. What you need Jase are some Schleich animal figurines, that would make these decks light up for you!

      I didn’t see that manatee card–most unusual for an animal deck. There is a manatee card in the Animal Wisdom Tarot which I also have. Oh, there’s an otter and kingfisher!! How can you resist?

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