The Magus Cobbler

I – THE MAGICIAN (Planning)


Yes, I plan to cobble together a pair of shoes today because nothing says Magus energy like a shoe last. Ah the quirkiness of Lo Scarabeo decks!

“Establish a line of conduct to make your dreams come true and act according to strategy but with flexibility.”

I like this bit about establishing conduct. As we know, the Magus can be the most inspiring and compelling person in the world but he can tend to slip into unpleasant trickster ways if you don’t watch him. You think he’s a ragged old cobbler sitting by the side of the road with tired, hooded eyes, until in a flash, he gets up and you see his rags are made from silk and leather and his old hat is a silk fedora and his two-tone shoes are new and polished and he’s got his very alert eyes on you.

A good day to think about conduct and maybe the way people present themselves and how mistaken you can be.





2 thoughts on “The Magus Cobbler

    • We call something similar to cobbler “crumble” and use rolled oats on top. I put a LOT less sugar in mine than they call for–can’t stand overly sweet desserts.

      I,ve got some rhubarb in my garden–keep meaning to make the spouse some crumble.

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