Perky Reflections



Someone’s jolly today. Well, I think she’s gearing up to copy out her tax forms in good. Pausing before the chore, she decides to go for a brief walk in the woods, taking off her accountant hat, suit and sensible shoes in a moment of ecstasy, contemplating the razor sharp points of…

Okay, well before abandoning herself totally, she’s going to check off her receipts against her credit card bill. While doing that she sees again in her mind the blue mantel and new chesterfield and chair and numerous decorative pillows. It’s almost as good as the feel or water on her skin.


Similar colours to water though, providing the alchemy of tranquility and moderation while sitting in a bright living room, reflecting.


I’m voting for having a browse through those books on abstract art techniques. That mantel needs a BIG piece of art.

Happy Sunday!


8 thoughts on “Perky Reflections

    • The pets seem to be okay. Our Lab is even talking when he goes to the beach he gets so excited. He,s never barked or made noises before but the beach here lights him up.

      Our Newf is still a bit fearful of the stairs outside and inside. Part of that could be her arthritis but she seems to also be spooked by them.

      The cat is fine, sleeps a lot as she is so old but otherwise seems good.

  1. I’ve been absent from blogland for a good while. When I left you hadn’t yet sold your home and were unsure about where your new one might be. From this post it looks as though things unfolded well. Glad you’re settling into a lovely refuge.

    • Hi Rose, yes things are going pretty well. We have some repairs to make to windows, masonry, flashing, soffit, and gutters but we are chipping away at it.

      We think we lucked out coming to this town. It wasn’t one we had really considered but the prices were more affordable and we actually like it after knowing nothing about it before.

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