The Harmony of Forms Completed



Yeah, you’ve got it, I completed the rough copy of our income taxes yesterday. It took me almost two hours to get the paper copies organized as I had to download and print some of them for the previous province I lived in. Nothing says “Joy!” like downloading and printing two copies of 4-page forms ad infinitum. Hours later I’ve double checked my figure work and I’ll check it again when I write it out in good.

In celebration I went to a shop and bought two decorative pillows for the living room because I was advised my new sofa and chair were coming next week. Rewards for efforts. AND the guy in the shop I went to gave me 25% off on the pillows. Plus I didn’t have to drive two hours to another town, I bought them locally.

Wrangle those seemingly chaotic forms into a nice yin and yang pattern, that’s the way.

Now if I could get those dozens of pictures hung and card decks put away. It’s that kind of day, I shall spin around with the spouse and a hammer and meander through the task and dream of colour and design.

Because I got those #£&/$”* taxes done.

Persevere kids, lalala.


6 thoughts on “The Harmony of Forms Completed

  1. We barely got ours done on time this year, mostly because we have to do my MIL’s as well since we handle her finances.
    Good on you for rewarding yourself for the mind-numbing task you’ve accomplished! Color and form is just what you need after pouring over numbers and figures. 😀

        • Yes it would normally take that long if we had chosen custom upholstery fabric, but this baby was covered in a fabric of factory default, which was fine with me as the “seafoam” colour suited my decor.

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